Trojan J305G-UT 6 Volt battery

T105 Trojan Battery delivery to Toddington-Home of the GWSR Steam Railway

T105 Trojan Battery delivery

T105 Trojan Battery delivery
T105 Trojan Battery delivery

T105 Trojan Battery delivery

Yet another great day delivering my batteries ! This week took me to South Wales and then across the country to Chipping Norton, a market town in the heart of Oxfordshire. Of course, Oxfordshire is truly a county of outstanding beauty. Small market towns are scattered through the rolling “Cotswold hills and farming country.

Consequently, my Trojan battery delivery was to Chipping Norton. This is a bustling market town occupying the highest point in Oxfordshire. On arrival, I had my now customary chat with the lady of the house.

So, I always ask what the batteries are going to be used on.

In this case, the T105 Trojan Battery delivery were to be used on their son’s boat. Unfortunately, the lady knew little else ! So I suspect that the son’s boat was probably fitted with solar panels.

Trojan and U.S.batteries are very popular, both on boats and motorhomes that are fitted with a solar panel system. Of course, both of these battery brands are deep-cycle batteries, making them ideal for such an installation as a solar panel system.Indeed, my home solar storage system is fitted with a bank of U.S. batteries.

Reminds of my beloved Yorkshire dales. T105 Trojan Battery delivery

Indeed Chipping Norton’s surrounding countryside, reminds me of the Yorkshire dales. Consequently, the town was built around the sheep and of course wool industry.

This is very much the same as many Yorkshire towns and towns such as Skipton the gateway to the Yorkshire dales, could well fit into the Cotswold landscape. So, like Yorkshire, Chipping Norton has still retained some of the mills that processed the wool. Including the famous Bliss Tweed Mill, which is still standing today.

Many of our Yorkshire mills are now put to better use and are turned into luxury apartments.

Surprisingly, I happened to come across another love of mine, the GWSR steam railway, in a small town called Toddington.

In my youth I was a keen train spotter. However we never traveled out of Yorkshire much and the GWR railway system in the South of England was just a train spotters dream away !

However now that I travel more often I have often come across such gems. Stopping to admire the trains that are visible, before carrying on with my deliveries.

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