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T875 Trojan Golf Cart batteries: To Beautiful Somerset Golf Club

T875 Trojan Golf Cart batteries

T875 Trojan Golf Cart batteries
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T875 Trojan Golf Cart batteries

It never surprises me about the beautiful locations. Of course, that is where most of these golf clubs are situated. So, one of my deliveries was for 2 x 8-volt Trojan batteries. In the Somerset area of the UK. Of course, as many of our customers now know ! We deliver larger batteries and multiple battery orders with more than one battery. On our own transport.

Accordingly, this was one of my ideas ! When selling these larger and often expensive batteries, we had to come up with an alternative strategy for delivering them. Subsequently, couriers would often damage these heavier items. Also, many of our customers are in rural areas. Because of how they would use the batteries that they buy.

For example, many of the larger batteries are for trucks and tractors and weigh well over the 30-kg limit for most couriers. So, another problem ! Is it true that many types of batteries are screw-top flooded-cell batteries? Meaning that they are not sealed ! So, if a battery accidentally falls over, then the acid would leak out. This also applies to the larger leisure batteries, including Exide batteries and  our own ApolloPower brand.

Larger batteries can topple over easily.

T875 Trojan Golf Cart batteries are also a problem, including similar battery styles, including U.S. batteries and platinum batteries. So, most of these golf cart batteries have two main problems. They are tall with a high centre of gravity and are wet-flooded semi-traction deep-cycle batteries.

In other words, they are susceptible to topple over if the driver takes a corner at fast speed. So, by delivering these T875 Trojan Golf Cart batteries in our own transport Therefore,extra care is taken in loading the batteries and also in the way the van is driven.

So, these two T875 Trojan batteries that fit this criteria were on my van for delivery. Happily, I noticed that they were going to the Wheathill Golf Club in Somerset. This is a beautiful part of the country, and on my arrival, the surrounding countryside was as stunning as I had imagined. Not surprisingly, the Trojan batteries were bought from our web site for one of their golf carts.

After a little time spent admiring the scenery, I carried on my journey to the next delivery of  leisure batteries.

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