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Tale of two Numax battery deliveries

Tale of two Numax battery deliveries

Tale of two Numax battery deliveries

Tale of two Numax battery deliveries

So, this post title may be a bit unfair! It reflects the two totally different marinas that I recently visited while delivering some Numax XV31MF batteries to two different narrowboat owners in two different marinas here in the UK.

Importantly, I was then instructed to call both sets of customers before arriving. Due to the terrible “Covid 19” pandemic that blights the whole world.

So, my first delivery was to be near the market town of Southam in Warwickshire, UK. The trip would be about a two-hour journey from my base in Mirfield, West Yorkshire.

Tale of two Numax battery deliveries

The weather forecast was good, with sunny intervals and rain later in the afternoon. So, the journey was to take me down the M1 motorway and across to Southam via the Daventry turnoff.

The first thing to remember for me was to call the customer before arriving at the marina. So, twenty minutes away, I did just that!

Our customer, Mr. Morgan, answered his cell phone and arranged to meet with me near the marina reception. This was a common practise this year because of the need to “social distance” and keep the “Corona virus” at bay.

Mr Morgan and his wife were there to greet me

Sure enough, the couple were outside the marina’s reception with two wheeled carts to carry the batteries all the way to their narrow boat. So, the plan was for me to unload the six XV31 MF Numax batteries on to the carts! Of course, we made sure we kept our distance at the recommended two metres.

The plan was for me to pull away, and the couple began the journey to their moored boat. In order to fit their new batteries.

Tale of two Numax battery deliveries
Connecting your Boat Batteries

As a footnote, the “Wagram’s Turn Marina” was one of the best kept and tidiest marinas that I have ever seen! Another key point was that the parking area was not only large but well made out of block paving. This was in total contrast to my next delivery.

A tale of two Numax battery deliveries-Off to Watford 

On arrival at the marina, I was directed to an area with a huge crane. This was the boat repair yard of P&S Marine. I was greeted by a young man who looked to be working on a huge, narrow boat propped up and out of the water.

So, the guy said that the Numax batteries were for the owner of the boat that he was working on. Accordingly, he accepted the leisure batteries from me and I prepared my sat/nav for the return journey.

However I could not believe the contrast between the two different marinas. Significantly, the Watford marina was covered in about two inches of mud and extremely messy.

On the positive side then I did realise afterwards that the second delivery. Tale of two Numax battery deliveries

So, was to the repair yard part of the marina and not where the leisure boats were moored. Consequently, the area was a working area! But all that mud ?

All you fans of narrowboats and enthusiasts of batteries, hear me out! You’ve got your narrowboat, you’re out on the placid waters, the sun is shining, and life couldn’t be better.

But hold on, Tale of two Numax battery deliveries

have you ever stopped to think about what it is that’s propelling your marvellous journey? The Numax XV31 twin post battery is here to play the role of the unsung hero. I’m here to tell you, folks, that this battery is not merely satisfactory;

it’s pretty amazing! Hold on tight, because I’m about to reveal the reason behind why this baby is literally causing a stir in the narrowboat community. leisure battery sealed maintenance free, cxv leisure battery sealed maintenance, numax cxv leisure battery sealed, sealed maintenance free ah deep.

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