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Thin-plate Plate Pure batteries

Thin-plate Plate Pure batteries

driven by the desire to reduce car engine emissions. Consequently, this led to the development of the AGM stop-start engines. Stop-Start technology is based on the premise. Significantly, if the engine is not running, it cannot give off any emissions.

So, when I was a young mechanic,

Studying at the local technical college. Our tutor, Mr. Flintoff, taught us that it is more economical. So, leave the engine running. When stopping at a traffic light or road junction,

So, this new idea about stopping the engine whenever possible, I went against the things that I was told! When looking into this, it came to light that the older-type carburetor fit most cars at the time.

Was in fact found to be very inefficient. In fact, these old engines would give off more fumes. Therefore, gases and poisons Subsequently, by switching off the engines and re-starting them!

Also, starter motors would have been under pressure to continuously start and stop.

Older batteries were pre-Thin-plate Plate Pure batteries manufactured and would not have withstood the constant pounding of the stop-start modern system. So, car manufacturers worked with battery makers such as Varta.

While developing the AGM car battery, I must admit that the stop-start systems on my new vehicles were switched off. Because I was on the older side, I could not get used to the engine stopping when the vehicle came to a standstill.

However, I was determined to give it a try and actually liked the system. Convincingly, I now think that this will not only reduce the vehicle’s emissions! But I will save my business money with a smaller fuel bill!

Now AGM used in truck development-Thin-plate Plate Pure batteries

So, this technology has now spread to the trucking industry. We all must have noticed how trucks were becoming much larger in size and load volumes. Beneficially, these trucks have to have bigger and more powerful truck batteries.

Thus, to operate the “hotel cabs” that these trucks possess So, not only do they have a TV or radio, they now benefit from in-built freezers and fridges. Combined with satellite dishes, some include an electric cooker or microwave.

EFB batteries are becoming more popular-Thin-plate Plate Pure batteries

Along with the AGM batteries, EFB batteries are also used. Initially, these thin-plate, pure batteries were introduced for different types of car engine technology. Although I am not going into the details of the different engine types, in recent times, the EFB has been more widely used. Apparently, there is a cost involved in driving this change forward.

Certainly, we are advised that the Thin-Plate Pure batteries can be replaced with an EFB battery. Of course, the general difference in manufacture is that the AGM is filled with a powder glass matting material. So making the electrolyte into a more solid state

This, along with thicker plates, gives the battery the capability of a deeper cycle. So, the EFB battery has thicker plates but is a “Thin-Plate Pure batteries”. Of course, the thicker, solid plates give the battery deep cycle capability!

However, there is a sizable price difference, which is driving car manufacturers to fit EFB batteries on their new car models.

Latest development is TPPL AGM technology.

Always trying to improve their products! Then some battery makers are making improvements. The standard materials used to make the AGM batteries Battery manufacturers such as Odyssey are developing more powerful batteries by using things like pure lead plates.

Combined with thinner, more closely packed plates, these batteries have a much higher amperage. Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology is going to give certain manufacturers the edge in supplying batteries with more power and longevity.

However, some battery manufacturers, such as Trojan, do not believe that these batteries will outperform their traditional AGM battery range. So the jury is out, as they say! However, do Odyssey batteries think much differently?

This is what Odyssey says about their TPPL batteries:

“TPPL: TPPL AGM batteries are dual purpose, have the highest CCA ratings and deep cycle at 400 cycles to 80% depth of discharge. They can be fast charged, and discharged, in the range of -40°F (-40°F) to 176°F (80°C) provide 10-12 years of float service and, best of all, do not fail catastrophically. TPPL AGM batteries are certified environmentally friendly as non-hazardous and non-spillable by US-DOT and International Air Transport Association (IATA)“.

In my opinion one of the best improvement in lead acid technology. Of course, is the development of the AGM battery here in 2022. Fortunately, our desire for a longer lasting battery. Fundamentally, with more deeper cycles. So, have aided the AGM batteries recent popularity and development. Recent developments in the stop-start battery industry has facilitated such changes.

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