cherry picker batteries to Scotland

Trojan Cherry Picker batteries- Delivered to Scottish town of “Balloch”

Trojan Cherry Picker batteries

Trojan Cherry Picker batteries

I was very much looking forward to my trip to Bonny, Scotland. Fortunately, then we had a few different orders in the same area! So, in this case, I would be delivering batteries to the Loch Lomond area of Scotland. Significantly, my main order was for some 6-volt Trojan batteries. Of course, these batteries can have many uses. Including golf carts, boat batteries, and, in this case, a “Cherry Picker”.

So, after a 4.30am start, I arrived in the Lock Lomand area at about 8.30am. This particular day was dry and clear, and the journey was a pleasure to do. Of course, the Scottish motorways were very busy! Because it was rush hour when I first arrived. However, I did make steady progress and headed to Loch Lomand via the “Erskine Bridge“.

Ex toll bridge spans the Clyde

I was having a good journey and making good time, so I made my way on to the one-time toll road bridge. Spanning the river  Clyde on route to the West Dunbartonshire area My first delivery of the Trojan Cherry Picker batteries was in the pretty little town of “Balloch,” located on the “River Leven” . Firstly, I noticed that the river was adorned with all sorts and sizes of boats. Unknown to me at the time, this was to be the place for my second delivery.

I looked up the geography of the location.

discovering that the River Leven is a major connection between the world-famous Lock Lomand and the River Clyde estuary. Importantly, the river has recently received funding for improvements.

including building locks along the river’s entire length. Of course, locals will know that this funding was known as the “Millennium Link”. So, my first drop of the Trojan Cherry Picker batteries was to a small farm located within the loch.

I was met by a smiling elderly lady.

Speaking and greeting me in a strong Scottish accent. In conversation, the lady told me that the Trojan T105 batteries were for her son’s cherry picker, a builder by trade. The  Trojan deep-cycle batteries are commonly used on this type of equipment. As said, the lady’s son was a builder in the Glasgow area.

My penultimate delivery was to a boat yard on the banks of the River Leven. These were 2 x LX31MF Lucas Leisure batteries. After my final delivery in the same area, I headed home to England.


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