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Trojan T875LPT to Epping Golf Club-Trojan T105LPT to Children Farm

Trojan T875LPT

Trojan T875LPT

Trojan T875LPT fitted to a golf cart and ready to play.

Trojan T875LPT to Epping Golf Club

This week turned out to be a great week for Trojan battery sales. significantly, mainly due to the start of the new year’s activities. Spring-like weather has brought the massive leisure battery market forward a few weeks.

In fact, temperature records have been broken.

Consequently, due to the weather being dominated by high pressure combined with a southern air stream warming the air over most of the UK, people have been preparing their motorhomes and caravans for the upcoming summer vacation season.

batteries need replacing after the winter break

So, to our advantage, the cold winter temperatures often damage their leisure batteries. Specifically, when motorhomes and campervans are put away for the winter,

Of course, many owners of such vehicles do keep their batteries charged! However, many do not! So, the effects of the cold winter temperatures on batteries also apply to other vehicles that use deep-cycle batteries.

Including golf carts and other golf equipment that is operated by AGM batteries.

Golf carts use a bank of four batteries, which are connected to create a 24 volt or 48 volt system. giving them the power they require. Hence, to drive golfers around the course.

So, this week, we had a couple of Trojan battery deliveries. Because of the nature of these batteries, they are heavy and often have a “free-flowing lead acid” structure. So, this makes it difficult to send the batteries out by courier.

Subsequently, we prefer to deliver this type of battery on our own. enabling the Trojan batteries to be delivered safely and in the best condition possible.

Epping golf club delivery

So, this week took me to Epping Golf Club with a delivery of 4 x T875LPT Trojan batteries. Of course, these had to fit onto one of the numerous golf carts that were available for use by their members.

On arrival, I found a small, friendly clubhouse, and the lady kindly offered me tea or coffee. After a chat with a couple of golfers, I made my delivery and set off on my next delivery to a children’s animal farm in Staffordshire.

The top reasons Trojan Golf Cart Batteries are the best

Hello everyone! Who’s up for a hole-in-one discussion about the golf cart battery that reigns supreme? Yes, you did hear me correctly. It’s Trojan golf cart batteries that I’m referring to. If you’ve been avoiding the battery green entirely, pay attention. I’m about to reveal why Trojan is your preferred brand.

Continuity, Baby! First and foremost, these batteries are long-lasting. We’re talking years here, not just a few months! Say good-bye to the continual “buy and replace” cycle with adequate maintenance.

Performance with Plenty of Punch: Trojan produces a lot of production. Really, you can count on reliable power. Having your golf cart slow down at the 18th hole is no longer a concern. It continues to be quite strong.

The Aspect of Durability:

These aren’t your typical, frail batteries. No, these infants are as resilient as they come. Whatever the conditions, Trojan can handle it: heat, cold, rocky terrain, etc.

Eco-friendly: It is possible to cherish the environment and enjoy golf at the same time. Very environmentally responsible and recyclable, Trojan batteries. So feel free to play green golf!


Let’s face it; we all want to save money. Trojan batteries are not only high-quality but also reasonably priced. Over time, you’re saving money without sacrificing performance.

The real kicker is that these batteries aren’t just for golf carts. They can be used for utility vehicles, boats, and other things. The best kind of multitasking!

In conclusion, Trojan Golf Cart Batteries are without a doubt the best on the market. All of the qualities of dependability, longevity, and kick-butt performance in one stylish package. So pick Trojan if you’re cruising the fairways and cart roads of life. You won’t be sorry.

Trojan T105LPT to Children Farm

So, my next delivery was to take me back north, towards Staffordshire in the UK Midlands. Accordingly, I did not know what the next four Trojan T875LPT Trojan batteries would be used for. After stopping at “Cambridge Services” for lunch, I headed for my next delivery.

Surprisingly, my next delivery was to be at “Oak Tree Children’s Farm.” As a result, the staff welcomed me and there were animal pens all over the place. busy cleaning out the animal pens.

So, I am always interested in what the batteries would be used for. Surprisingly, the 4 x Trojan T105 LPT deep-cycle batteries were to be used for a small solar storage unit.

Interestingly, I was told that the whole site was off-grid and powered by a huge solar battery storage unit. Although the new Trojan batteries were for a separate unit from the main system, very interesting?

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