Car Battery Shortages

UK Car Battery Shortage

UK Car Battery Shortage

UK Car Battery Shortage
UK Car Battery Shortage

UK Car Battery Shortage

So, this is a post that I had to write! Primarily, because I think the public should know what the situation should be. In my opinion, the problem started when we went into the first “Covid 19” lockdown. Consumers began to hoard things; the most familiar thing was the toilet rolls running out. However, unsuspectingly, car owners began to buy an extra car battery.

Because, we are only a small player

in the battery market, then this problem would become more imminent as the lockdown went on. So, we have never had the room to carry a massive stock and have a great delivery system from two of our main suppliers. Most orders from the night before are delivered to us the morning after. Many of the larger retail companies, such as “Marks and Spencer’s,” use this system; the sales of that day are replaced the following day by their computer system.

So, this system has worked for us for the past ten years. Things were changing! Overnight, our internet sales had doubled. Surprisingly, drivers were buying the better battery brands. The most popular were Varta, Bosch, and Lucas.

Shortages became more imminent! UK Car Battery Shortage

Because we could not carry out MOT testing, we decided to close the garage, and the garage staff were furloughed. However, the battery business was going to be busy for the next few months. Certain battery sizes were beginning to be in short supply. It became a problem, and I suspected that the large battery suppliers were witnessing something unprecedented. In my opinion, our supplier had totally underestimated battery supply demand. Buyers had not anticipated demand, and supplies were starting to suffer.

Later on in 2020, UK Car Battery Shortage

Things were starting to get serious with battery supplies drying up. We were able to battle over using different suppliers. However, the next whammy was to make things worse. I believe it was because of Brexit that goods were not able to reach the battery suppliers. Thousands of containers were and are still stuck in ports such as Felixstow.

One of the main victims has been the AGM car battery range. These batteries were first used on the early start-stop cars about ten years ago and were ready to be replaced. Because of demand, these batteries are now starting to run out. Especially the leading brands such as Exide, Bosch, Varta, and Lucas. Suppliers are looking forward to months of new deliveries.

Batteries to fit mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs are also affected.

These VRLA batteries are coming into the UK in “drips and drabs”. However, at the moment, we are able to keep things going. Mainly because during the recent “pandemic,” scooter users have not been going out. Many of these vehicle users are disabled or elderly and are among the most vulnerable groups. However, when they are allowed out, I am not sure what the demand for batteries will be! Especially the 34Ah Lucas batteries, which are the most popular size of battery.

Going forward, we are starting to run out of the most popular battery sizes. At the moment, we are struggling to get 096 batteries.

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