battery scam

Unbelievable AGM Battery Scam

Unbelievable AGM Battery Scam

Unbelievable AGM Battery Scam

I must admit that when I first heard about it,

I was sceptical and did not believe it was possible! However, I was sent the image and could not believe my eyes. So, the description on the battery casing was for an 80 Ah battery. This type of battery is generally used in the mobility scooter market.

Normally, two 85-AH batteries will power a large mobility scooter. I am not so sure why the battery was eventually cut open and investigated, but it sure looks like a very serious scam. I can only hope that the battery owner did not buy a container of these batteries.

12Ah battery on the inside

The battery on the inside is a 12 Ah battery and can also be used to power smaller mobility scooters. However, the price is a fifth less than the 80 Ah that the battery casing purports to be. Of course, when they are sold, they make a huge profit.

The 12Ah battery has been wired to the external battery terminals, which would give a reading of the correct voltage of 12 volts. Incredibly, the rest of the battery has been filled with some sort of concrete mix. Of course, this will give the battery a near-correct weight for an 80 Ah battery. thus averting any suspicion of a scam.

In my opinion,

This must have been done before the battery top was correctly fitted and sealed. This would make the batteries look real and not alarm anyone who might be interested in buying them.

Finally, this could be a warning to stay clear of buying cheap batteries from, you know, where! If this sort of thing is possible, then anything goes, right?

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