Update on Flying for the Disabled Community

Update on Flying for the Disabled Community

Update on Flying for the Disabled Community

I feel it is important to update my on knowledge about people flying with disabilities. After a recent visit to one of my sons wedding to a Spanish lady from Granada. This was last July 2022. My wife was suffering from problem with her left leg and struggled to walk without the help.

We booked for special assistance at the “John Lennon” airport in Liverpool. As a traveller with reduced mobility or disability, you possess a legal entitlement to support referred to as ‘Special Assistance’ when taking a flight.

This means that airports and airlines have a legal obligation to provide you with help and assistance, free of charge, ensuring that you can embark on a stress-free journey. So we were met at the checking desk with a guy and a wheelchair.

I also have bad knees and struggle to walk at a fast pace or up stairs. Special assistance is available to all passengers who require support, be it the elderly, physically disabled individuals like wheelchair users. Also including individuals who face difficulties with social interaction and communication, such as those with autism or dementia.

The special care worker was polite and helpful. Taking us by wheelchair to the plane where we boarded using a special mobile lift. The lift had seats for several passengers to embark the plane from. We were then helped to our seats which were situated at the front.

When arriving in Malaga airport, the reverse took place and we disembarked with normal able bodied passenger’s through the sky exit that they have in all modern airports.

We did not book special assistance in Spain and I am saving our experience for another article.

Finally here are a few things that may help when deciding to fly! Also do not forget to check with the airline if you are taking your own electric wheelchair or mobility scooter. Certain batteries are not allowed to fly. Mainly certain Lithium batteries are banned from planes.

The newer types of battery have a picture of an airplane on the top of the battery. However you should inform the  airline and ask them for guidance. AGM batteries are good to go and do not need permission. Just dont forget the added weight these batteries have!

Your right to Special Assistance is enshrined in the UK Law and applies in the following scenarios:

  • If you are flying on any airline from a UK airport
  • If you are flying on a UK or EU registered airline to a UK airport
  • If you are flying from outside the UK or EU to the EU on a UK carrier.

To benefit from Special Assistance, it is advisable to provide your airline with 48 hours prior notice about the assistance you require.

Malaga Airport serves as a model of inclusivity and accessibility for travellers,

providing effortless navigation, dedicated assistance, accessible facilities, improved communication, and specialized equipment to ensure elderly and disabled passengers have an enjoyable experience.

Its commitment to creating an inclusive environment is a valuable lesson for airports all over the world, demonstrating the importance of accommodating the needs of every passenger. domestic flight news today, international flights news today, breaking news airport shut down, airline news live, news flights cancelled.

Once you arrive at the airport,

the assistance will be provided to you, covering every aspect of your journey, from boarding the aircraft, traveling through your departure airport, during the flight, disembarking the aircraft, transferring between flights, and traveling through your destination airport.

You deserve to embark on your journey with ease, and Update on Flying for the Disabled Community makes it possible for you to do so, without worrying about any unnecessary hurdles or obstacles.

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