Using Electric Fences-A growing wolf population presents German politicians with a conundrum

Using Electric Fences

Using Electric Fences
Battery Electric Fences

Using Electric Fences

The Effects of Releasing Wild Animals on Farmer Livestock: Be Prepared!

Okay, everyone, let’s get started on this crazy topic! You know how it goes: releasing wild animals sounds exciting and daring, but what about our poor farmer friends and their cherished livestock? Buckle up, because I’m about to reveal what happens when the untamed collides with the domesticated! Warning: it is not always a harmonious duet!

The Untamed Invaders: Wild Animals Unleashed

Releasing wild animals can wreak havoc on farms.

Consider this: you have these wild animals, the untamed wilderness’ kings and queens. Then, all of a sudden, someone decides to set them free! Hold on to your horses! Those wild animals aren’t used to fences or the routine of farm life. They’re free spirits, which can cause problems for our farmer friends!

Livestock Dangers in the Shadows

Farm animals will inevitably face threats from their newfound wild neighbours.

Oh no, here comes the snag! When wild animals and farmer livestock collide, it can be a battle of titans! Those roaming wild animals may regard domesticated animals as, well, dinner! You guessed it: it’s a survival of the fittest situation. Predators can be a serious threat to farm animals, causing stress and anxiety for both the animals and their worried farmers.

Food Hunting: An Unwanted Feast

Farm animals, unfortunately, can become easy prey for hungry predators.

Consider the following scenario: it’s dinnertime for the wild animals, and guess who’s on the menu? You guessed it, our unwitting farm friends! Those predators are on the prowl, and the farmer’s livestock could be their next meal. It’s a harsh reality for our hardworking farmers, who must deal with the emotional and financial costs of losing their livestock to hungry invaders.

A Silent Threat of Disease and Contamination

Wild animals, unfortunately, can spread diseases to farm animals.

This is the part that will make you cringe! Wild animals can spread diseases, and when they make friends with farm animals, it’s a recipe for disaster! Diseases can spread quickly, infecting the entire herd and decimating farm productivity. Farmers are living in a nightmare as they try to contain the outbreak and protect their livelihoods.

Using Electric Fences

The Farmer’s Dilemma: Livestock Protection

Farmers, interestingly, must find ways to protect their animals.

So, what should a farmer do? It’s a difficult decision, my friends! On the one hand, we want wild animals to be free to roam in their natural habitats. However, we must protect our farmer friends and their livestock! It’s a delicate balance, and farmers must be inventive in their use of fencing, deterrents, and other methods to keep the wild at bay.

Finding a Happy Medium

Finding harmony between wild animals and farm animals is ultimately necessary.

Finding a happy ending in the grand story of wild animals versus farm animals is all about finding a happy medium! We want our wild friends to thrive in their natural habitat, but we also need to support our farmers’ livelihoods. It’s a complicated dance in which cooperation is essential. So, let us work together to find that perfect balance between the untamed and the tamed, while respecting the wild and protecting the domesticated.

Of course I have been writing about electric fences for some time now. But for a different reason to this attached article. Importantly, I would be talking about farm animals such as sheep and more recently, chickens.

Germany has a much bigger problem and thats the increase in the “wolf” population. Because, the wolves are killing farm live stock such as sheep. So the German farmers are protesting to the authorities about containing the wolves within an electric fence boundary.

Whether battery systems are used or not, only time will tell. However, the system will be much the same as we use for keeping animals in a paddock. isolation will be a problem though. Certainly big forest areas will probably have to be covered. So, I am not certain what sort of power will be required to operate a successful and effective electric fence system.

Using Electric Fences

Live stock keepers do however have the wolves cousins to worry about ? and of course thats the fox.

Foxes usually operate singularly and not in packs as do the wolves. So putting up a simple paddock fencing up is relevantly simple compared to the vast acres of wild Germany.

A great product for the UK in my opinion is to use either the connect and forget system of electrifying your fence. Which comprises of two 32 Amp batteries and a battery charger. This lets you periodically change the discharged battery with  freshly charged battery as often as you like.

So, the other battery that I would recommend is the XV24MF Numax leisure battery. This battery is a semi-traction battery fitted with thicker plates. These plates will store more charge and discharge to a deeper level. This should accompany a smart charger which will be attached to the battery and keep the operation running smoothly. Of course keeping the animals in or keeping the pests away.

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Sheep are under attack; “wolf commissioners” are one answer

Source: A growing wolf population presents German politicians with a conundrum – Huffing and puffing

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