632-N5-Varta-Promotive Black Truck battery

Varta 511 6-volt battery for Quality David Brown Tractor

Varta 511 6-volt battery

Varta 511 6-volt battery

As mentioned in a previous blog, some of my battery deliveries come across very special things. So, my recent visit to Scotland ended up being a special surprise. Bringing back memories of my time as a branch manager! Surprisingly, this Varta 511 6-volt battery was to be delivered to an address close to the centre of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is a very nice city to visit. Of course, this was only a delivery, and so I did not have time to look at all of the city. But driving through, I did notice that many of the roads were dug up! I believe in the new tram system—something that we desperately need in my own area of West Yorkshire. So, the last time that I travelled through Edinburgh was when I was in my late teens. Venturing to the “Cairngorm Mountain Range” in my old banger Mini towing a camping trailer

So, in those days, we had to drive through the centre of Edinburgh to get to the “Forth Road Bridge,” heading north to the Cairngorm mountains. Anyhow, it was a pleasure to revisit the city as I headed south to England.

Vintage battery was for a tractor

Finally, I arrived at the delivery address! which would be a nice set of apartment blocks in a residential area. So, the main entrance was set up with one of those door pads that has buzzers for each apartment.

Pressing the bell, a gentleman answered and agreed to come down to accept the 6-volt battery. After a brief chat, the customer explained that the battery was for his vintage David Brown tractor! Proudly opening his garage door, there stood a resplendent, fully restored, bright red David Brown tractor.

Sandy explained that the tractor belonged to his father, and it took him almost two years to restore it. As a result, the new battery would replace one of the tractor’s two Varta 511 6-volt batteries. Passionate about his tractor, Sandy explained how he visited the “David Brown Tractor Museum” in Meltham, West Yorkshire, which is not too far from where we are based in Halifax.

David Brown tractor club

Visit the DBTC Museum to examine the club’s expanding collection of tractors, equipment, memorabilia, and records. Take the chance to browse the Club Shop, ask questions, or simply chat with other David Brown tractor aficionados. In our new café, hot and cold drinks are provided alongside hot and cold cuisine and cake.

Sandy was kind enough to send me the images of his tractor, and I have used them on this blog! It’s amazing what can be discovered with just a little enthusiasm! Of course, from just delivering a Varta 6 volt vintage battery?

Finally, I am pleased to say that we do see many classic cars and vintage vehicles wanting a new battery.

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