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Varta Battery Maker Sold Off-Including latest COVID affects

Varta Battery Maker Sold Off

Varta Battery Maker Sold Off

6 Reasons that COVID could affect my garage here in Halifax UK

  1. Reduced demand: The pandemic may have caused a decrease in demand for garage services as people may be driving less or may have put off non-essential repairs and maintenance.
  2. Supply chain disruptions: The pandemic may have disrupted the supply chain for parts and equipment needed for garage services, leading to delays and difficulty obtaining necessary materials.
  3. Social distancing measures: The need for social distancing may require the implementation of new protocols and procedures in the garage, such as mask-wearing and frequent cleaning, which could increase costs and reduce efficiency.
  4. Limited capacity: Depending on local regulations, the garage may be required to limit the number of customers allowed in the facility at one time, reducing the number of services that can be performed.
  5. Employee absences: The pandemic may lead to increased employee absences due to illness or the need to care for sick family members, which could reduce the availability of labour for the garage.
  6. Financial strain: The pandemic-related economic downturn may cause financial strain for both the garage and its clients, which could result in decreased business and difficulty collecting payment for services.

COVID-19 Auto Trade Update: Varta Battery Maker Sold Off

So to generalise and bring things up to date, then the motor industry, including tyre companies, is heading for a very shaky period! This terrible “coronavirus epidemic” has engulfed us all. However, it is the economic aftermath that has concerned me as a garage owner and businessman for over 40 years.

So economic forecasters are predicting one of the worst recessions of all time. Although we are a small, independent garage, we have learned to battle our way out of these situations. Managing to get through them without loss of income or staff Of course, there are many workers on “lockdown” at the moment. I believe that this is where the problems will start.

Motor trade starting to loose jobs

In fact, according to AM Online, two-thirds of automotive sector employees fear COVID-19 job losses. Of course, this is staggering news. Fortunately, I fear that the hammer will fall on the larger companies. As a small local company, there is no reason why we should not benefit from this!

Drivers will be watching their pockets and probably keeping their vehicles longer. Of course, I have past experience with this! Also, larger companies will have to increase prices on such things as car servicing and repairs. Of course, to keep up the profit margins. because new car sales will be at a minimum.

However, there are companies that can help redundant managers and other garage key staff. So one that springs to mind is “UK.Jooble.org”. So, by contacting this company, another job could perhaps be easier to find. In my opinion and from past experience, things will recover quicker than people expect. However, it is still a sad situation to be in when we were all gearing up for Brexit and the benefits it could bring us.

Varta Battery Maker Sold Off

Firstly, I thoroughly understand that this is not new news. So Johnson Controls has been selling excellent battery products. particularly Varta and also making quality batteries for the Bosch battery label. So, other brands are also made by this giant battery maker, the Optima brand.

Consequently, the business was sold to Brookfield Business Partners. selling the business for an estimated $13 billion. I must admit that this sale came as a huge surprise to me. Lead-acid batteries were looking “dead in the water!” With all of the talk about the evolution of electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries, the poor old lead-acid batteries appeared to be a thing of the past!

However, with 56 locations and a work force of over 16,000 people, I am not so sure ?

So, the new venture will now be known as Clarios. Significantly, they produce about half of the world’s AGM batteries. Because I am one of the guys who sells lead-acid batteries, recent times have, let’s say, been a little nerve-racking. So, when I look for inspirational articles to write about, all I hear about is the “electric car” and the battery that drives them.

However, little signs of “green grass” have been sprouting. reference the battery market in general. including the lead-acid battery market. In particular, the AGM battery. Popular demand for a cleaner diesel engine has helped in the development of “start-stop” cars and vans. So, these cars required stronger batteries with more deep cycles. In collusion with Johnson Controls, major car makers came up with the EFB and the re-invented AGM battery.

As we all know, turning off your car’s engine when it comes to a stop saves fuel. therefore, restarting when the driver presses the clutch or accelerator

Other uses now for the AGM battery: Varta Battery Maker Sold Off

Other battery solutions are now becoming popular for AGM batteries. Solar energy storage springs to mind! Reassurance signs also include the new type of truck batteries.

Varta and Exide Batteries are also leading the way with this new type of powerful truck battery. Obligingly, it is compatible with the so-called “hotel drivers‘ cab.” As a result, it is outfitted with all of the amenities that drivers may have at home! including freezers, air conditioning systems, and TVs. including many more electrical appliances inside the driver’s cab.

Globalisation has meant that goods can now be transported across many countries. So, delivering fresh food products from Spain across Europe springs to mind. Drivers can now live in their trucks for days on end!

Trump and fossil fuels !

Thus, these new, powerful batteries are required to power and sustain the electrical equipment on board. Of course, AGM batteries fit this criteria. To sum up! President Trump wants fossil fuel-driven cars to continue operating for many years. Of course, this is music to my ears, and I think that the battery world will comprise a large mixture of technologies in the years to come.

Johnson Controls Power Solutions, including Varta, has sold off its automotive battery business to Brookfield Business Partners for $13.2 billion. That includes more than 16,000 employees across 56 locations around the world. Brookfield Business Partners is rebranding the business unit as Clarios.

Source: Johnson Controls Sells Off Its Automotive Battery Business | CleanTechnica

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