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Varta Boat batteries and the Red Kites

Varta Boat batteries

varta boat batteries

Varta Boat batteries

My readers may be wondering what “Red Kites” have to do with boat batteries! Well, really, nothing! So, the connection is in the things that I see when delivering the batteries.

Sometimes, because of the weight and price of some of our batteries, I deliver them myself using our own vehicle. Urgently, of course, in one of our own fleets of Ford delivery vehicles. As the owner of the business, my intent is to improve our customer service and relationships.

I take it upon myself to deliver at least two days a week. especially when the customer has ordered an expensive and heavy battery. such as the larger Varta leisure batteries that are used on larger boats and motorhomes.

Of course, I have two reasons for this. First and foremost, I need to get the batteries to my customers safely. Importantly, there were no problems associated with the courier deliveries. Secondly, I love to travel around the UK. While driving about on my deliveries, I still believe that the UK countryside is one of the prettiest places on Earth. Thirdly, when I am delivering, I see some of the wonderful countryside and the UK’s splendid towns and villages, along with the accompanying wild life.

Wonderful Britain

When I say “wonderful Britain,” then I certainly mean it! Importantly, I get to see many of our native birds and wild animals while driving around. including the red kite. Red kites can now be seen all over the country. Particularly in the British countryside’s Midlands and South West. Significantly, aside from the most common birds, such as starlings and the crow family. Then there are the red kites and buzzards, which are among the most common birds I see.

Particularly when travelling on our highway system. Naturally, this is because of the large vole population that lives on the highway verges. As a result, it is a great food source, attracting the large number of birds of prey that I see on my battery deliveries. This particular day a few weeks ago took me to Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

Hence, to deliver an A28 Varta Hobby leisure battery for a customer’s boat Small cruiser boats usually need good batteries to power the boat’s lights, pumps, navigation and communication equipment, and other electrical systems.

These systems may require a reliable source of electricity when the boat is not running, so a good battery is essential for maintaining power during those times. Additionally, a good battery can help ensure that the boat’s electrical systems are able to function properly and efficiently, which can be important for the overall performance and enjoyment of the boat.

Red Kites swooping above the house rooftops-Varta Boat batteries

When I arrived at the house, I noticed about six red kites swooping about the roof. The Abingdon delivery address was in a private housing estate of about fifty houses.

Once upon a time, red kites were a rare sight in the United Kingdom. They were hunted to the brink of extinction, and only a few scattered pairs remained in the remote Welsh hills. But thanks to the efforts of conservationists, the red kite has made a remarkable comeback.

In the 1980s, a reintroduction programme was launched, and red kites were brought back to their former breeding grounds in England and Scotland. At first, the birds were shy and timid, wary of humans and their machines. But as they became more accustomed to their new surroundings, they began to thrive.

Now, red kites are a common sight throughout the UK. They can be seen soaring above fields and forests, their distinctive forked tails and angled wings making them easy to spot. They are opportunistic feeders, known for their acrobatic aerial displays as they snatch food from the ground or scavenge for scraps.

The red kite is a symbol of hope and resilience-Varta Boat batteries

also a testament to the power of conservation and the importance of protecting our natural world. Every time we see one of these beautiful birds soaring overhead, we are reminded of the importance of preserving the natural balance of our planet and the potential for even the most threatened species to bounce back. The end

Eventually, the guy came to the door, and I asked about the familiarity of the red kites. They were almost dancing above the roofs! Very strange! I thought. So, the battery was for the guy’s boat that was moored on the nearby river Thames.

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