Varta Car Battery Dealers

6 reasons to choose a Varta battery

Varta Car Battery Dealers

Reliability: Varta batteries are known for their reliability and long lifespan, making them a good choice for a variety of applications.

  1. Quality: Varta uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to produce its batteries, ensuring that they deliver consistent performance.
  2. Versatility: Varta offers a wide range of batteries for different applications, including automotive, marine, and industrial use. This makes it easy to find a Varta Car Battery Dealers that meets your specific needs.
  3. Performance: Varta batteries are designed to deliver strong, reliable performance, making them suitable for use in high-demand applications.
  4. Safety: Varta takes safety seriously and designs its batteries with safety features such as overcharge protection and short-circuit protection to ensure that they can be used safely in a variety of settings.
  5. Customer support: Varta provides excellent customer support and has a team of experts available to answer questions and provide guidance on selecting the right battery for your needs.

Varta Car Battery Dealers

Varta batteries

Originally founded in 1887 as “Accumulatoren-Fabrik Tudorschen Systems Büsche & Müller OHG,” Adolf Müller recognised the market potential for accumulators, which a year later grew into the production of lead-acid batteries accompanied by international expansion. The company’s name changed to Accumulatorenfabrik AG (AFA) in 1890 after AEG and Siemens joined.

The first use of the name VARTA came via the founding of a subsidiary in Berlin in 1904 distributing small, portable lead batteries. VARTA stands for ‘Vertrieb, Aufladung, Reparatur, Transportabler Akkumulatoren’.

Throughout the company’s development and growth,

It has achieved world-renowned milestones, such as the development of leak-proof lead-acid batteries for aeroplanes. including the launch of the first standard starter battery. Naturally, that was to be suitable for any passenger car industry.

With this in mind, this brand of batteries is well known. Of course, by the world’s leading automakers. In other words, like trusted names such as Audi, BMW, and Ford, VARTA has demonstrated its importance within the battery industry.

Canadian firm Brookfield Business Partners LP—Varta Car Battery Dealers

Since 1887, VARTA has been a top-choice premium car battery in Europe and has become a benchmark for quality. Consequently, Varta products are on the expensive side. mainly due to their expertise and precision technology in engineering and manufacturing techniques. So, you pay for what you get, the same as any other thing in life.

Naturally, Varta is now a world-leading battery brand. including strong growth in China, Asia, and South America. At the same time, we produce batteries for commercial vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and powersports. Whatever vehicle you own, VARTA has a battery to fit.

Varta, like most other battery manufacturers, manufactures AGM car batteries. Varta AGM batteries are claimed to be of superior performance. Above all, they are filled with a glass-fibre mat separator. delivering up to twice the life of standard flooded lead-acid batteries. including unprecedented energy output. Of course, in the most demanding conditions. Supply is no problem, with manufacturing facilities throughout the world. Varta is able to provide AGM batteries wherever our customers need them.

New Varta Car battery Stop Start technology

So, recent innovations to lower the emission levels of petrol and diesel-engined cars have introduced the Varta Car Battery AGM and the Varta Car Battery EFB series of quality batteries to the replacement car battery market. Of course, these batteries are available at discounted prices from our online store and eBay shop. We are Varta Car Battery Dealers, supplying the whole of the UK with next-working-day delivery.