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Varta Car Battery Types-Different Varta batteries for different sizes and types of vehicles.

Varta batteries are probably one of the world’s best battery products. They are made by Johnson Controls (sadly, this is no longer true). Johnsons have now sold the battery part of their business). As a result, they run alongside the well-known Bosch battery product. The product line is second-to-none. Therefore, the Varta car battery is split into three product quality ranges for the fitment of car batteries.

The Varta Black Dynamic car battery

The Varta Blue Dynamic car battery

Varta Car Battery Types: This battery is in the middle of the range of car batteries. This battery is more powerful than the Black Range. It gives the car the most power when it starts and stops in a normal way many times during a single trip. Ideal as the busy rep’s car battery, as it is the choice of drivers requiring extra power and a constant performance, especially in winter time, when all the cars electrics are in full flow, a good choice for the busy business man when doing lots of travelling.

The Varta Silver car battery

Varta Car Battery Types; This battery is no doubt the top of the range; Delivering  top power when required. Of course, this battery boasts AGM technology. Naturally, in its most advanced form. This battery is used in the most powerful situations. Using, the start-stop technology. Of course, that has recently been developed. Therefore, is now coming out on many car models. Helping to reduce carbon emissions. This Varta Silver battery will give you three times the amount of cycles. Thus, as a conventional Varta car battery . Suitable for cars with the start-stop technology. Also fitted with regenerative braking systems.

Varta Car Battery Types

Johnson Controls has put in a lot of thought, research, and development. Of course, into this excellent product range Therefore, give the driver a choice of car batteries. So, that will suit his car application. We are very excited to become one of the choices to be a Varta battery dealer. in the Yorkshire area. We will have the special tools we need to change the start-stop batteries ready and waiting. that are fitted to some models of cars.

It is important to note that we will have the software. Hence, to be able to check the exact models of cars So, you have to have a battery fitted by a selected car battery specialist. Also, have the equipment to link to the Varta HQ to get the correct codes. enabling us to be able to change the battery correctly. without affecting the car’s computer system.

Additionally, the new Varta AGM car batteries and AGM truck battery ranges have been added. including the EFB car battery range for stop-start vehicles.

So, as a footnote Johnson controls battery division has been sold to a private equity company Brookfield Asset Management Inc (BAMa.TO)

Varta Car Battery Types

Varta leisure also suitable for use on boats, yachts and other marine vessels

Surprisingly, when I think of a yacht, So, I think of a large boat with sails that primarily sails out to sea. Of course I am a land lover! So I live here, in the centre of the country, in West Yorkshire. However, Batteries On The Web sells the proper Varta marine batteries for these types of vessels. Also, boat batteries do appear to have become a complicated subject. As a result, the boat owners do not want to learn about batteries for some reason.

Battery problems can become a misunderstood complication for many yacht and boat owners. like all buyers of leisure batteries. My advice would be to replace your batteries with the same type. They were, of course, originally fitted. So if your battery is AGM technology, then replace it with the same technology! Of course, it can also depend on the type of water that you sail on. For this reason, freshwater sailing can require a different battery type than saltwater sailing. Generally though the Varta AGM boat battery will suffice for both types of craft

canal boat with new batteries

The reason why is simple.

For fresh water, a regular leisure-type battery can be used. Of course, the batteries in the image are of the “screw top” type and are not sealed. So, genuine sealed batteries are known as AGM batteries . Consequently, for saltwater use, these batteries are more expensive. Sea water and battery acid do not mix . So it is important that you don’t take any short cuts and fit the correct marine batteries.

Professional Deep Cycle AGM can be fitted in any position. Because they are completely sealed. Boats in general, including yachts, can be fitted with 6 volt or 12 volt battery systems. Accordingly, the battery bank would be an appropriate size. Naturally, due to the electrical requirements of the boat, So, the bigger the yacht, The larger the battery bank required, the better. Freshwater boats can use batteries that are also used in other types of leisure vehicles. As a result, the most popular battery is the XV31MF twin-post battery.

start stop efb battery
Varta start stop batteries

So many modern cars are coming out with the start stop battery technology. These cars are fitted with either AGM batteries or EFB batteries. Importantly, both of these battery types should be replaced with the same type of battery. For example, a Range Rover fitted with an AGM battery should have the exact same type of battery.

Of course, because of all the time that the engine has to stop and start, a much stronger battery is required. So, people are always asking, “Can you put a normal battery in a stop-start car?” So, the answer to both these questions is that it depends on how well you look after your vehicle; regular smart car servicing will prolong your battery life as well as the car’s engine.

Please note that these are the words and opinion of the author (Eric Roberts) only. You should seek professional assistance if in doubt about your choice of battery. Finally, the article may contain a link to BatteriesOnTheWeb, where you can buy battery products online.

Varta batteries are still very popular. However, due to recent transport problems, some battery sizes have been difficult to obtain. We hope going into 2022 that the problem will be reduced.

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