Varta LFD 140 Professional Deep Cycle battery

Varta LA 95 AGM Battery-Delivered to Abergavenny “Gateway to Wales”

Varta LA 95 AGM Battery

Varta LA 95 AGM Battery

So, Wales has now become one of our best customer base. Of course we offer a wide choice of battery brands and types on our online platform. Many of our batteries are sold to Welsh customers that live in the middle of nowhere. Especially batteries for solar storage. My previous Welsh delivery was for 4 x Apollopower 110 Ah batteries to an English guy living in “Llanllwni” Carmarthenshire, South Wales. Steve had bought the batteries for his new “solar battery storage system”.

So , I finally found the guys cottage tucked away in the middle of the wonderful Welsh moorlands without any mains electric. Previously, people such as Steve would use diesel generators for their power. However, cut off communities are now reaching out for solar panels and connected battery storage systems.

People do use different battery types for these systems. Steve had chosen the Apollopower leisure power batteries for this job. In my opinion these leisure batteries are not perfect and prefer other types such as AGM batteries.

However these batteries will do the job of “solar storage” ! We  have sold many of the Varta LA 95 AGM Battery in the past with no complaints whatsoever.

Passing the town of Raglan

Many of my deliveries take me down the M50 motorway towards my Welsh customers. My latest delivery to Abergavenny and as usual I passed the wonderful castle to the right of the Welsh town of Raglan. So, in the past few years then I have glanced at the sandstone castle on many occasions. So, this time I decided to take time out and have a closer look.

Varta LA 95 AGM Battery
Varta LA 95 AGM Battery

Raglan castle was first built in the 15th century

out of materials from the town of “Redbrook” an English border town. Situated next to the River Wye just a few miles away. The full history of Raglan castle can be found on the excellent “” website. Varta la95 agm battery review, Varta la95 agm battery replacement, Varta la95 agm battery price, Varta la95 agm battery near me, varta la95 review.

Carrying on with my journey I finally ended up in my destination town of  “Abergavenny” and delivered the excellent Varta LA 95 AGM Battery, for a customers nearly new motorhome.

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