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VARTA Silver Dynamic Auxiliary battery: how may an extra car battery benefit you?

VARTA Silver Dynamic Auxiliary Battery

VARTA Silver Dynamic Auxiliary battery

The vast majority of modern vehicles have a battery onboard that’s typically twelve volts, about the size of a large kitchen Tupperware box. But as recent vehicles become more and more loaded with electronic gadgets (and essentially become computers on wheels), the humble 12V car battery begins to struggle to keep up with demand.

Enter the auxiliary battery from brands such as VARTA. Of course, with their Silver Dynamic Auxiliary battery. Auxiliary car batteries are, as the name perhaps suggests, Traditional Varta-silver batteries that sit alongside another cell in the car.

Auxiliary batteries essentially serve two different purposes! Firstly, they can act as a “backup” if the primary car battery is running low on juice.

Importantly, they can work alongside the other batteries. Providing extra power to more electrically demanding applications Modern luxury models from car brands Mercedes and BMW, for example, are packed with so much technology and have such big engines to bring them to life. So, it’s necessary to have two batteries working in tandem. Examples include the Mercedes S-Class and the BMW 7 Series.

Not just for luxury cars-VARTA Silver Dynamic Auxiliary Battery

VARTA also claims that having its Silver Dynamic Auxiliary Battery installed, of course, improves the start-stop experience in your car. Today, large numbers of modern cars are equipped with a start-stop system, which cuts out your engine when you come to a standstill to save fuel.

It means that the battery must bear the load of running your air conditioning and stereo. Having an additional battery while the engine is turned off Of course, this will allow your vehicle to run on electricity for longer while you use no fuel.

On top of the start-stop system, VARTA Silver Dynamic Auxiliary Battery

VARTA also claims the battery supports more heavy-duty electrical components. such as the brake-by-wire system and the electric power steering system.

The auxiliary car battery can also play to its strengths. Especially if you frequently leave your car parked for weeks without driving it (as is common during lockdowns). as you have probably experienced before.

If you leave your car idle for too long, the battery will eventually drain itself and fail to provide enough power to start the engine. An auxiliary battery such as the one from VARTA theoretically doubles your battery capacity, and therefore your vehicle should be resistant to going flat for a lot longer.


Each car manufacturer has different specification requirements when it comes to batteries, and VARTA takes that into account with the availability of its Silver Dynamic Auxiliary batteries. The range starts with a smaller 9 Ah unit and tops out with a huge 35 Ah cell for larger, more power-demanding applications. It’s also available in dozens of countries across the world.

It’s worth bearing in mind that buying an additional Varta Silver battery does mean an additional cost, as having twice the number of car batteries means twice the cost to replace them when they eventually reach the end of their working life. However, the added security and convenience of an auxiliary car battery are hard to ignore, and they may well be worth it for you.

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