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Vauxhall Corsa Battery Information

Vauxhall Corsa Battery Information

Vauxhall Corsa Battery Information
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Vauxhall Corsa Battery Information

Of course, Vauxhall wanted to launch a small car that was both compact and versatile. First came the supermini, known as the “Nova.” As a result, the Nova was introduced to the British public in 1982.

Cars were becoming smaller and more economical, and so in the UK, the Nova was born, followed by the “Corsa” in 1993.

I remember the black Nova that I bought for my wife. It was fitted out with the latest tape deck in those days! How things have changed.

Of course, the Corsa became a very popular vehicle, selling well over 12 million cars in Europe alone.

The Corsa was longer and had more space than the Nova

. Vauxhall also introduced some more safety standards. Including front airbags, ABS brakes, and side impact protectors. Like the earlier Nova, the Corsa was fitted with a 063 car battery as standard.

The larger turbo diesel models were fitted with 075 car batteries on earlier models. 

Corsa C models were upgraded with a longer body. Of course, which was fully galvanised to give extra protection from the UK’s damp climate and rust. Importantly, the engine was upgraded to a 4-valve Ecotec petrol engine. Of course, to help with the new European emission standards of the Euro 4 initiative.

Once again, the same 063 and 075 car batteries were used.

Corse D models grew in length once again on the 5-door models. The engines were to be ECO flex technology, and they became some of the first cars to be fitted with start-stop systems.

The 1.2-engine cars were fitted with the 027EFB start-stop Vauxhall Corsa batteries. The larger 1.4-liter engine car was equipped with the 096EFB Start-Stop batteries.

With the start stop technology continuing to be used on most models. The 027EFB battery and the 096EFB battery are still the most widely used batteries on this model of car.

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