vauxhall victor with its new battery

Vauxhall Victor Battery-Classic Car Pulls in for a Lucas Battery

Vauxhall Victor Battery

Vauxhall Victor Battery

So, my staff were excited to see a classic Vauxhall Victor FE car pulled onto the garage forecourt. Of course, this is the time of year when classic and vintage cars are taken out for a drive.

Most people lock their precious cars away for the winter! So, bring them out when the weather looks to be getting a bit warmer. Because of this, it is also time to buy a new battery for your car. This Victor was no exception, and he had been summoned for a battery test.

short history of the Vauxhall Victor FE car in UK

The Vauxhall Victor FE was a mid-sized family car produced by Vauxhall in the United Kingdom from 1957 to 1976. It was introduced as a replacement for the outgoing Wyvern model and was offered in a range of body styles, including a saloon, estate, and van.

The FE version of the Victor was introduced in 1961 and featured a revised grille and other cosmetic changes. It was well known for its reliable construction and variety of inline-four and inline-six engines. The Victor was popular in London, UK, and was also exported to other countries, including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In 1975, the Vauxhall Cavalier eventually took its place.

My family grew up with the Vauxhall Cavalier in many shapes and forms, but that is another story.

Wrong battery fitted

The Victor FE was one of the first cars that my father ever bought. Because I have always been in the garage trade, I remember that early Vauxhalls were susceptible to rust. Unfortunately, my father always rushed out to buy the first car that came along. This Vauxhall looked great at first! However, within a couple of months, rust started to appear in the wings.

Consequently, the car did not last very long before my dad was looking for another one of his bargains to buy. Strangely, I can remember that we also had Vauxhall Victor battery problems with this car. The Lucas battery then would have had an old-fashioned rubber casing, as far as I can remember.

Subsequently, the Vauxhall Victor battery would keep letting us down! especially in the wrong place. One time, we were all dressed up and going to Scarborough for a day out.

We pulled into a roadside café near Pocklington

Of course, this was East Yorkshire, and the Vauxhall Victor battery would not start the car. Fortunately, this café was attached to a small scrap yard. The owner was also a mechanic and took a look at the Vauxhall Victor Battery.

Of course, we knew that the battery was well on its way out. However, back then, people would keep their old batteries until the very end. Today, I was perplexed as to why people keep their Vauxhall Victor batteries after purchasing a new one!

The garage guy sold my dad a second-hand battery

and offered him a Vauxhall Victor alternator replacement, and this managed to get us to Scarborough and back home. We knew that the battery was the wrong one, but it did get us out of trouble. These memories are great, and I can often use them in my blog articles.

The customer’s car needed a new battery

Moving onto the orange-coloured Victor that pulled into my garage So, this car also required a new Vauxhall Victor battery. The old one had struggled to start the car after its winter layoff. Because there was plenty of room where the battery was fitted, we recommended an 096 Lucas premium battery.

The guy happily paid the bill, and off he went.

Finally, I love it when my staff sends me these stories and images to use in my automotive blogs.

The garage was attached to a transportation café. very close to Pocklington. a town that I visit regularly. Recently the garage closed down, which genuinely made me sad. However, on a recent visit, I noticed that the café had re-opened and I now feel better about things.

I will never forget the day they saved me by letting me have an old battery to get me on my way.

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