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Vintage Car Batteries Shocker-Ban Now Lifted on “acid packs” affecting Classic battery deliveries?

Vintage Car Batteries Shocker

Vintage Car Batteries Shocker

Vintage Car Batteries Shocker

So, we have all heard about the increase in “acid attacks on vulnerable people. Tragically, most of the victims were just going about there daily business! Although the attacks are mostly confined to the London area, I believe this horrific trend is spreading to other parts of the UK. Because of this and the increase in knife crime, the government has had to react!

Accordingly, the transportation of acid by post or couriers has been banned. The government minister at the time,  Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP, said in the government document,

“I am determined we take action to address serious violence and in particular the recent increases in knife crime, gun crime and homicide. I am also
very concerned about the unspeakable attacks involving acid and corrosive substances, as well as the violence and exploitation caused through the spread of county lines as a means by which criminals supply hard drugs “

Truly tough talk, and I do welcome taking strong action against these criminals. However, the ban on transporting acid has affected many businesses. Including my own business here at batteriesontheweb.co.uk.

Dry batteries were sent out with an acid pack-Vintage Car Batteries Shocker

As a result, this new law affected our ability to send out vintage car batteries and dry motorcycle batteries from our online sales platforms. So, we had to try and come up with some other solution! Originally, these types of batteries could not be sent out because they were screw-top batteries. Specifically, that meant that the batteries would leak acid if they were tipped over. Even for a short while.

Firstly, I purchased some motorcycle batteries from our competitors.

Of course, to see how they were going to cope! So, most were wrapped in some type of polythene bag.  But the ones that we looked at still leaked acid. Motorcycle batteries are small and light.

Subsequently, do not stand up to the treatment that the couriers put them through. So, in the past, we would send them out with an acid pack. This also included the old-fashioned black casing of vintage batteries. Hence, they are used on vintage cars.

Here at batteriesontheweb.co.uk We have tried all sorts of vacuum machines to seal the batteries in an airtight bag. particularly the machines that are used in the food industry. Consequently, the batteries were filled with acid. So, it was tested and sealed in one of these machines. At first, the package was indeed sealed. However, after a few hours, the gases from the battery vents filled the bag. So we were back to where we started.

A large part of our business is the Vintage Car Batteries Shocker

Of course, this sector was a large part of our battery business, and we had been truly “screwed” by this new UK government law. In my opinion, this was a typical “shoot from the hip” response without any care or consequences to people who make a living by sending out these Vintage Car Batteries Shocker, along with a now banned and illegal battery acid pack.

So, one of our responses was to place each relevant product with a “collection only” warning. Because this new law has not been made very public, most of the general public has never heard of it. So, the collection was only to be of little use to motorcyclists and vintage car owners outside of Yorkshire and Lancashire. Of course, these areas are within easy distance of our base in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK.

After much thought, we started to scrap the next working-day delivery offer on these vintage and motorcycle battery products. Because we have thousands of listings, this will take us some time to do.

New delivery policy derived for the vintage car batteries

As the founder and still owner of the business, I had to come up with some kind of solution. Subsequently, in the past, we have had to wrestle with the problem of “courier breakages.”. Especially on larger items, such as solar storage batteries, truck and boat batteries, and the larger American batteries. Such as Trojan and U.S. batteries. These larger batteries weigh well over 35 kg and are not easily transported.

Because of this, we now deliver these batteries via our own vans.

Every week, we devise a run to different parts of the UK. Delivering these special item batteries safely and in one piece As a result, by doing this, we have decreased the number of delivery issues that the couriers were responsible for. Customers are now contacted and informed about the nearest delivery day to their particular area.

So, because of the success of this, we have decided to include the vintage battery deliveries into this system. Explicitly, our customers would also get the vintage battery that they ordered already filled and charged, ready to go. Surprisingly, we have so far contacted each customer and arranged a suitable delivery date. Of course, the customers accept the situation and agree to arrange a delivery by us when we are in their area.

Specifically, this is usually the next working week. Vintage Car Batteries Shocker

Vintage car batteries are not usually a distressing purchase. Many of these vintage and classic car enthusiasts prepare their cars a few weeks in advance. Indeed, many spend time during the winter months. So they are preparing their cars for the following summer driving season. In fact, this weekend we delivered three vintage car batteries on a delivery run to the M25 motorway area of London.

The last delivery was a 421 black rubber casing battery.

As usual, our driver had a little chat with the customer, Brian. Showing my driver around the wonderful mint condition Morris 8, including an immaculate Morris 1000 estate car. Fondly, I remember that the Morris 1000 was one of the first cars that I serviced and repaired. Way back in the day! So, as an apprentice mechanic, it was one of my jobs to change the batteries and also repair any tyre punctures.

For this reason, I am convinced that this is where my love for batteries first spawned. Morris 1000s were originally fitted with a Lucas GTW7A or BT7A hard rubber casing battery. Similar to the ones now made for vintage cars.

Because there are still thousands of these cars on the road, the modern replacement battery is the 038 car battery. Of course, this battery is of similar casing size and capacity as the original batteries and is now widely used as a Morris 1000 replacement battery.

To finalise, these batteries are now filled and charged at our depot, and the delivery times are negotiated with our customer, usually within the same week. Of course, an alternative would be to buy an AGM-sealed motorcycle battery. These batteries can be sent out with no problems and are safer on the bike.

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