A Spine-Chilling Story: Stranded on Black Forest Trail with a-VW Polo Flat Battery

VW Polo Flat Battery

VW Polo Flat Battery

VW Polo Flat Battery

I must confess that, I have heard similar scary stories about travellers who were on the way to their holiday destination. Unfortunately, I cannot prove it ever happened, but it’s interesting anyway. Personally, I do believe in ghosts and sightings of ghosts, so here’s what my friend Duncan had to say.

Duncan was on his way to Italy and driving through the Black Forrest of southern Germany. He had done the trip before, as he was stating at his father in laws villa in northern Italy. He called his preferred route the scenic route, and travelled across Europe via the Black Forrest and on to Italy.

His little grey VW golf was a reliable little car, but every so often a few dash lights would flash, but it all came to nothing. However on this occasion the VW Polo Flat Battery, warning light began to aluminate, although very dimly.   

Duncan pulled into a road side café for a coffee and a bite to eat. He was well into the Black Forest by now and darkness was upon them.

So, two or three miles down the road the VW Golf started to sort of miss fire and the lights started to dim. He realised that he was in the middle of nowhere and started to realise that his VW Polo Flat Battery was starting to play up.

Gordon was used to been on his own,

having driven all over Europe as a salesman for an international lighting company and also visiting the villa in Italy on several occasions. The lights were getting dimmer and flashing on and off the battery was dying in front of him.

He watched out for a safe place to pull in for the night and decided to call back home for help. He was covered by European breakdown cover with the UK Company R.A.C. His mobile did receive a signal and he was told to ride it out until the morning, when help would arrive from one of the RAC sister companies in Germany.

He parked the car along a narrow side road made from gravel. A typical forest road and decided to try get some sleep until the morning and hopefully an early rescue. Vw polo flat battery replacement, Vw polo flat battery problems, Vw polo flat battery price, vw polo battery keeps draining, vw polo battery price.

The night was clear and a moonless night. Gordon had found himself stranded in a desolate part of the German Black forest with a useless VW Polo Flat Battery.    

The wind started to pick up and howled eerily through the twisted branches of the eerie surrounding forest, and an unsettling silence descended, broken only by distant thunderclaps, a storm was on its way.

With an unsettling sense of unease, Gordon wisely chose to remain inside their car and patiently await assistance. Minutes passed, but the darkness and isolation made his heart race, as if unseen eyes from the shadows were watching. The dark was playing tricks with his eyes!.

A flickering light appeared in the distance

just as he was about to succumb to fear and abandon the car. Relief washed over him as he realised that help could have finally arrived. As the light approached, their relief turned to terror: it was a ghostly figure holding an old-fashioned lantern, casting haunting shadows on the road.

Fear gripped Gordon as he watched the spectral figure approach. Its face was obscured by darkness, but its glowing, hollow eyes sent shivers down his spine. The air became icy, and an unexplainable malevolence filled the air.

Desperately, the stranded person attempted to start the car, but the engine remained deafeningly silent. Gordon locked the doors and peered out the window with trembling hands, only to see the ghostly figure circling the car, tapping its long, bony fingers on the windows.

Gordon reached for his phone in a last-ditch effort to call for further help, but dismay washed over them—no signal this time and no way to contact the outside world.

The ghostly figure continued its haunting dance around the car as the night progressed, its presence becoming increasingly ominous. The traveller’s fear turned to resignation as he realised he might never leave the Black Forest alive.

The abandoned VW Golf was discovered the next morning

by a vigilant tow truck driver attending the breakdown reported to the RAC. Inquiring further, he discovered the car’s owner Gordon, pale and lifeless, huddled in the back seat. Local legends told of a malevolent spirit haunting the forests gravel roads, always on the lookout for its next victim—an unfortunate soul trapped in limbo.

As a result, the story of being “stranded with a Flat Battery in the Black Forest” serves as a chilling reminder to all travellers to avoid that cursed road at all costs, lest they suffer the same spine-tingling fate as that fateful, stormy night. Stay safe and stay away from the unknown!

The German breakdown guy calmed Gordon down with a cup of coffee from his freshly made flask and located a new battery from a local town to get Gordon back on the road and away to his final leg to Italy.

Consequently, Gordon never drove to that Villa in Italy again. Preferring to fly there instead.

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