Washington bike tour-Wheelchair guy Ian McKay is making his second cross-on his sip-and-puff wheelchair

Washington bike tour

Washington bike tour

Ian enjoys being outside. He enjoys spending as much time as he can outside in nature, watching birds, and taking in the changing of the seasons. When Ian suffered a spinal cord injury in a bicycle accident in 2008, his life underwent a significant transformation. At age 26, Ian discovered himself entirely lost and immobile from the neck down.

I enjoyed being outside and riding my bike everywhere, Ian remarked. “One day I was returning home from campus on my bike when I started to down a steep slope quite quickly. Due to my ignorance of the sand on the path, I lost control of my bike. I struck a tree with my head first.

Ian recalled the first year following his accident as being a really gloomy period. For the first year after my injury, I was on a ventilator, said Ian. Before my accident, I was such an extrovert, and now, at the age of 26, with all of these goals and dreams, I found myself losing my body and having to choose what I wanted to do now and where I wanted my life to go.

The Washington Cycle Tour:

Cycling Through the Soul of American History

With the renowned Washington Bike Tour, explore the wonders of the nation’s capital. This amazing excursion provides a unique viewpoint of the city’s extensive history and magnificent architecture.

First off, the National Mall is one of the tour’s key features.

Bicyclists can enjoy the shade of the Washington Monument, a colossal landmark of the nation’s capital, from this location.

Along the route, the trip passes by famous sites like the Lincoln Monument and the U.S. Capitol. These buildings serve as magnificent monuments to the nation’s history and democratic ideals.

The tranquil trip through the Tidal Basin is another pleasure.

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial and, in the spring, the well-known cherry blossom trees may be seen in exquisite detail from here, rewarding bikers for their efforts.

The cultural side of the city is also covered throughout the tour. Pedestrians frequently pause at the Smithsonian. Many museums and galleries in this area allow you to explore a variety of fields of knowledge and the arts.

The Washington Bike Tour also accommodates riders of all fitness levels. The trip maintains a slow pace so that bikers can completely appreciate the majesty of the city without feeling hurried.

Safety is also very important. Helmets,

well-maintained bicycles, and knowledgeable guides are all provided for cyclists. These guarantee a safe and educational travel through the city.

Finally, the Washington Bike Tour offers a distinctive and engaging approach to discover the capital city. It offers an experience that is genuinely fulfilling by seamlessly fusing exercise, sightseeing, and education.

Join the Washington Cycling Tour to enjoy the fresh air, cycle through American history, and make lifelong memories. The Washington bike tour is more than just a bike ride; it is a voyage through the narratives that have shaped the United States.

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So it’s great to see such strong-minded people! making great effort to cross Washington State in his wheelchair. Of course, the conditions also look very hot!

Ian made the decision to up the ante in 2016

and started preparing for a ride across the state of Washington. That same year, Ian’s Ride was established as a non-profit. I was beginning to run out of riding tracks and locations, Ian remarked

. “I opted to cycle Washington bike tour, 340 miles across Washington because I needed a new challenge. It was fantastic. Every night we made a stop at a brewery, and as I passed, grandmothers waved to me from their porches. It was a wonderful way for me to rediscover my love of cycling.

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In my opinion Wheelchair guy Ian McKay can give us all hope.

Especially when any disability knocks you for a six, enjoy looking at Ian’s blog.

Ian MacKay is on a 7 MPH bike tour across Washington State for the second time. As of press time, he and his riding partners are a day’s journey beyond the Grand Coulee Dam heading west on th…

Source: Ian MacKay is making his second cross-WA bike tour on his sip-and-puff wheelchair | Seattle Bike Blog

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