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Waste Lead Acid Batteries: One of the Planets most recycled products.

Waste Lead Acid Batteries

Waste Lead Acid Batteries

So, this is no doubt one of the motor trade’s better claims to fame. Consequently, the fact that all the old waste lead acid batteries are recycled is truly a great achievement.

Almost every part of an old car battery can be taken and used to make a new one. The system is known as a “closed loop cycle.” In fact, the lead in a scrap battery can be recycled better than glass or even alloy cans.

This is why you should always take your old scrap batteries to your local recycling plant. The recycling plant usually has a separate place where you can put your old battery, and it will then be sent to the appropriate place for dismantling and end up as a new battery.

The recycling of lead batteries only takes around one-third of the energy needed to produce brand new lead from the lead ores through quarrying. This results in massive energy savings and a much larger green footprint due to fewer carbon emissions.

Waste Lead Acid Batteries

Why do we have to Recycle Lead acid batteries? We all probably know that the one problem with these batteries is that they are toxic. This is due to the use of sulphuric acid in their construction. This acid has to be drained away and treated in a safe environmental way. This was an early problem in the battery factories of China. The waste was contaminated everywhere and, in some cases, dumped in the rivers. I believe that they have now cleaned up their act, and many battery factories have been closed down.

By reprocessing waste lead acid batteries we eliminate the need to dig new lead ore from the massive open-cast mines, which conserves land. It also costs four times as much to mine for new lead ore as it does to recycle. In fact, recycling is far cleaner than digging up the materials from the ground.

By recycling battery products, we don’t poison the earth by throwing them into landfills and poisoning the earth. Finally, waste lead acid batteries create more local jobs, as recycling is normally the less expensive option.

So if you buy your car battery online, then please dispose of your old one in an environmentally safe way and drop it off at your local council waste recovery site. Every town and city has one. More information…

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