Car Battery Shortages

Wet Flooded or AGM batteries

Wet Flooded or AGM batteries

Wet Flooded or AGM batteries

Wet Flooded or AGM batteries

Of course, people are always asking, What is a flooded battery? This is a pretty open question! Wet-flooded batteries come into different categories, and so do AGM batteries. So, the common flooded lead acid battery is them recognisable type of battery.

Significantly, these types of battery are used as the regular car batteries. Serving the motoring public for many years.

Including a long service life and reliability, the lead-acid battery has truly served us well. Most truck batteries are also included in this category of batteries.

Presently, most types of low-acid batteries are maintenance-free. Consequently, they are sealed with nothing to do by the owner but to keep them clean. Including the terminals.

Of course, this also included the AGM batteries. However, there are products that do require checking the acid levels, and these are the semi-traction range of batteries.

Semi-traction lead acid batteries.

I’d like to start off by saying that all of the top battery manufacturers produce these batteries, and they have many uses. Including Exide batteries and Trojan batteries.

Platinum batteries, and many more. Semi-traction batteries are made to take a deeper cycle than the regular batteries used on our cars, vans, and trucks.

Although they are filled with liquid electrolyte, the difference is in the construction of the lead plates. Hence, to be able to give a deeper cycle!

Then the battery plates are made from heavier-duty and larger lead. Straightaway, we are thinking of leisure batteries and batteries used for, say, solar storage.

Of course, using a regular charger to charge is simple and doesn’t call for anything special. The heavier-duty versions of these types of batteries are also used to power golf carts and larger equipment, such as “cherry pickers”.

Agm batteries have one main advantage over open-top LED batteries! Wet Flooded or AGM batteries

Customers ask us,How do I know if my battery is agm? My usual answer is that it tells you on the side of the battery. The fact is that these batteries are totally sealed.

Consequently, the AGM battery can be fitted in any position. Especially if there is a lack of space or room. I know of a guy who fitted a battery bank on his boat. Nothing new there, you may say? However, he fitted a bank of 2-volt high-amp batteries all around the edges of the boat’s hull.

Enabling him to simply have much more space than a conventional battery bank in a big block of batteries. So, with the AGM batteries, this is a better option where space is at a minimum and regular inspection is not required. Remember that the free-flowing acid batteries must be inspected for any liquid loss of electrolyte.

AGM batteries are now standard in cars and vans.

To me, this is where it can get a little confusing! So, the regular free-flowing, sealed lead-acid batteries on the cars are now being replaced by the EFB battery and the AGM battery.

Consequently, car manufacturers are fitting the later type of battery in order to save on car emissions. So, as part of the great drive by governments to reduce the emissions of regular petrol vehicles, the “stop-start” engine was introduced.

At the time of writing this (early 2019), a good 50% of new cars were using this technology!

As we all know, this means that every time the car stops, the engine automatically switches off! Consequently, when the clutch is pressed and the car is put into gear when restarting, then the engine restarts and off you go.

Obviously, this means that the battery has much more work to do. stopping and starting the engine many times. Especially in a busy town or city with multiple sets of traffic lights and road junctions to cope with.

Of course, the good old lead-acid starter battery would not be good enough and soon come to the end of its life! The EFB and AGM batteries were to be the answers. So, the EFB battery is very similar to the semi-traction style of battery. With thicker, heavier-duty plates. Enabling the battery to be charged and discharged at a more frequent rate.

Different cars have different batteries—wet-flooded or AGM batteries

The EFB car battery is now more popular than the AGM car battery. So, is the AGM battery worth it? Because the manufacturing process is less difficult.

Then the EFB battery can be made at a cheaper price. This is now reflected in the fact that BMW is now fitting new models of their cars with EFB batteries and not the previously fitted AGM batteries.

However, its not complicated for the driver to require a battery replacement! In my opinion, the simple way is to look at what it says on the battery label of the one you are replacing.

In essence, this is a common query when I am answering my eBay shop emails. Customers often give me their registration numbers. Asking which battery fits their particular car! So, I often use the battery lookup, which is a link from our web site at

So,customers are coming up with a choice of different batteries-Wet Flooded or AGM batteries

AGM, EFB, and the regular lead-acid batteries Obviously, I cannot give them the answer they are looking for! The easiest thing to do is to look at what the battery label says.

So, if it says AGM, then that is what you should replace the original battery with. If it is an EFB battery, then it will clearly say EFB on the battery label. Once again, you must replace the original battery with a Varta EFB battery.

So, if customers are not sure, then I ask them to send an image of the attached label from their old battery. This will enable me to advise the customer on the correct battery to buy. Its all part of the service, and it reassures them that the correct car battery will be sent.

On the whole, it is not “rocket science”, but I cannot overemphasise that the correct size and type of better is the only choice, in my opinion.

Diversions from this are at the customers own risk. Fitting a cheap AGM car battery to cut costs is not an option.

So, bringing this post forward to 2022, there have not been many changes. Exceptionally, the AGM car battery market has grown to new levels, and original batteries are now commonly replaced.

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