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Which Battery-Canal Boats Should Have

Which Battery-Canal Boats Should Have

Of course, in the UK, we have all types of narrow boats and other canal boats. All these vessels have to have some sort of battery system. Naturally, to start the engine (usually diesel) and to run the on-board electric systems As a garage owner, I am not sure about the battery configuration in any similar number of boats.

Whenever I have delivered narrow boat batteries to a boat that was moored up, they seem to have different battery concoctions. So, I mean that some are fitted with AGM batteries, some with truck batteries, and some with the popular leisure batteries.

Heating a boat is another matter. People don’t just go for a Sunday ride. consequently, they actually live in them full time. These are the people who have to think of heating in the winter. As a result, the general way of boat heating comes in two methods and their variations. The one that I have seen the most is a conventional fuel-burning stove. Of course, these come in all shapes and sizes. hence, just the same as in a normal home wood-burning stove.

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Many boat owners now use a type of central heating system. Of course, the boiler can run off gas or heating fuel, such as red diesel. Both of these types of heaters require good ventilation. So, the problem with gas is that it produces so much condensation that the inside of the boat will be wringing wet. Newer gas fire installations use a heat exchanger and exhaust their fumes to the outside of the boat.

I suppose that I am drifting off the subject. Which are the correct batteries for your particular boat. In fact, I recently delivered 4 XV31MF Twin Post leisure batteries and a 1500-watt inverter. On a canal narrow boat in my area. I was pleased to see that the guy was also using solar panels to charge his battery bank.

Indeed, this is now becoming a common site on our rivers and canals. As a result, this particular boat was kitted out with leisure batteries to run the everyday appliances such as the lighting, water pump, and TV, of course. These batteries will deliver power for long periods of time.

Which Battery-Canal Boats Should Have-AGM batteries a more expensive option

Although people buy leisure batteries, in my opinion, the more expensive AGM batteries are a more expensive option. Of course, the AGM batteries are the best deep-cycle batteries for charging and discharging.

Especially when connected to a solar charging system. Hence, our most popular AGM battery is a 90 Ah US XC2 leisure battery. Although other brands such as Trojan, Exide, and US Batteries are just as good, in my opinion,

Of course, narrow boats have to be powered up and down our rivers and canals. These boats are powered by powerful diesel engines. To start these engines, a second bank of batteries is required. These are usually kept apart from the bank of leisure batteries. Truck batteries are the main ones used to start these diesel engines. Of course, they require a big boost of electric power to start them on cold winter mornings.

This suits us because our four leisure batteries are not up to running the electric oven. I have too much respect for our batteries.

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