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Which Electric Fence Batteries-Deep Cycle-Which battery is best for your paddock electric animal fencing?

Which Electric Fence Batteries

Which Electric Fence Batteries

Which Electric Fence Batteries

I must admit that sometimes when you are a blog writer then you can get stuck for some subject matter!

However, this subject (electric fences) came back to light for me after purchasing an “Eglu” chicken coop from the excellent “Omlet” company.

So, I placed my chicken coop on one of my two lawns and looked at the options available to me as extras. I’ve always been interested in animals and have rekindled my interest. Starting off with some new chickens

Not having a small field or paddock available to me, I decided to use one of my lawns. After all, it has to be cut every week, and it can become a chore. So why not keep some chickens. Fresh eggs are always a joy at breakfast time.

My many trips out to deliver our larger battery orders gave me the idea to start keeping chickens again. Battery delivery took me to all parts of the UK. Of course, we have many customers who buy batteries for their animal paddocks and small fields.

So, we have all seen the what I call standard small field.

I’ve seen many such paddocks with a couple of horses or sheep and goats happily grazing away. Of course, many of these paddocks are protected with electric fences. Importantly, this is to keep the animals in and predators out while the owners are unattended.

Consequently, most animal paddocks are constructed from a number of posts, some conductive wire, rope, or tape, and a battery or even mains power supply.

So, when sussing out my chickens, I was surprised to see that you can now buy ready-made electric fence kits. This would give my newly bought chickens even more room to roam about the lawn.

Naturally, an electric current is pulsed around the fence passing through the electric wire, rope or tape until an animal touches it.

Which Electric Fence Batteries
Battery Electric Fences

As we all know, electric fences are a widely used method of animal containment here in the UK. Most often used by farmers, horse owners, and all kinds of livestock owners.

Animals often have a knack for escaping a normal fence-type paddock. I know I have kept all kinds of animals in my lifetime. Among them are the most famous escapees of all time, the “wallabies.”

My pet wallabies were always a nightmare to keep enclosed. However, electric fences were not an option in the pre-internet days. Now we can buy many things that were not available then.

Animals never forget an electric shock!

As a method of containment, electrified paddocks are superior to the standard post and wire fences that were available in my younger days. Animals are not stupid, and once the fence has been touched, do they remember this, just like us humans?

Remembering this, our family was once on vacation in Italy and rented a small cottage. My children were very young at the time. So my young son Craig (now over 30 years old) decided to test out the wires on a nearby donkey paddock.

Of course, despite the electric warning signs, he could not help but touch it. Naturally, it was fully electrified! and he came to the cottage screaming and shouting after he had decided to test the fencing.

Of course he was egged on by his older brother, Kristian! Who had dared him to touch the wire? Well, he never did it again! And it’s the same with animals: once touched, they’re never forgotten.

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Which Electric Fence Batteries
Battery Electric Fences

Which Electric Fence Batteries ?

This has always been a bit of a “grey area.” Indeed, you can use an electric fence  battery that is used on cars. One of the most popular sizes for paddock fences has been the 027 car battery.

Strangely, the batteries used for the Eglu automatic doors are only 4 AA batteries.

However, there are one or two problems that can occur. Electric fence and car batteries are primarily starter batteries. So to achieve this, the battery plates are perforated with small holes. This is to give the battery more surface area. enabling the Which Electric Fence Batteries to have more power upfront when needed to start a car.

Paddock batteries require a more storage capacity. Although car batteries will do the job for electric fencing there are one or two restrictions that may be worth thinking about.

1- Because these batteries are not deep cycle then they should not be totally discharged.

2- These batteries will not last as long as other more suitable batteries.

3- Normal flooded car batteries will require more charging and maintenance.

4-because of these things then your animals may end up unprotected.

One of the problems that we come across when selling any battery is that people want the cheapest battery?

As we know, the cheapest is not always the best. Nothing wrong with a bargain providing what you buy does the job. Take leisure batteries for instance. We have perfectly good battery for the guy who only goes away in his caravan for a couple of weeks a year.

However, this will not be suitable for the caravaner that takes long weeks away touring Europe. For that reason he would be requiring a much stronger and even different type of battery. But many still go for the cheapest caravan battery that they can get ?

Paddock batteries are just the same. So if you pay a little more, you will be buying Which Electric Fence Batteries that are more suitable and fit for purpose. So the type of battery that I am thinking about is a semi-traction battery that we offer for the leisure trade. A good example of this is the XV24MF battery. Although these batteries are still lead acid technology, they are better engineered to be deep discharged and charged again.

The difference is with the battery plates. Semi-traction batteries have much thicker plates that are without the perforations that the car battery has. Consequently, they will last longer on a single charge and keep the fence electrified for a longer period. The ideal situation would be to have a two-battery system. When one battery runs out, the charged one can be used. resulting in a completely charged situation in the paddock

Electric Fence Batteries-Deep Cycle-Fit and Forget system for your paddock

This system is available from Numax Batteries. The package includes two Electric Fence Batteries-Deep Cycle and a charger. This enables the electric fence batteries to be changed at regular intervals. So you simply keep a charged battery on hand at all times, obviating the need for brakes in the electrified fence. In my opinion, this is the best option, but a single semi-traction battery such as the XV24MF is also a great and better option.

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