Electric vehicle grant scheme abolished permanently

Will Electric cars really take off-An electric car future? – Physics World

Will Electric cars really take off

Will Electric cars really take off
Will Electric cars really take off

Will Electric cars really take off

Here in 2022

I would like to bring this article up to date. Significant changes in our life styles are very imminent! Russia and particularly President Putin have made the world a very unstable place.

Most people do know about the conflict so I am not going to bore people with the sordid details. However, this conflict will now affect the worlds ability to buy and supply fuel from trusted nations. Russia has now shown that it cannot be trusted with a stable supply of its gas and other fossil fuels.

So, Germany for instance now rely on 50% of its energy supplies from Russia. The recent conflict between Russia and the Ukraine has now caused instability. Fuel supplies can not be guaranteed. Also we in the West can now see that Russia has been spending the gas revenues for building up its massive weapons arsenal. Now begs the question, Will Electric cars really take off.

To think its not that long ago that I was trying to source a battery supplier in Russia! However it never came to fruition. Thank goodness!

West will have to tear up environmental treaties to survive

So, to avoid having to deal with Russia going foreword, then countries will have source out other suppliers and ways to extract their own energy supplies.

Of course I have always been against our government charging us with green energy taxes. These have already been cancelled in Germany and other nations will follow. Vast quantities of coal and natural gas are buried under our feet. Both across Europe and here in the UK.

Its not rocket science to see this and our government will have to act swiftly to extract these resources. Cleaner air will have to be put on the back burner until such times that fuel supplies from cleaner sources can be increased.

Of course solar and wind power do play a significant addition to our power supplies. This will now have to be mixed with extensive fracking and the opening up of coal mines. Britain is sat on hundreds of years of fuel supplies and now is the time re-open the mines and design systems to make cleaner fuels from coal.

We have moved on from the days of Mrs Thatcher and Arthur Scargill . I am sure that British engineers can build plants that can produce clean usable fuel from the excellent grade of coal that we are all sitting on.

Will Electric cars really take off

For our own part then householders will have to step up their efforts to fit solar panels where possible on their homes. Battery storage is also becoming more cost affective. Here in 2022 electric prices have sored. So, making it more cost effective for these relatively simple systems to be fitted.

So, I just cannot believe the amount of out tax money that the UK government are throwing away ? So we as a country must Will Electric cars really take off, course trying to convince us all to buy an electric car to cut emissions.

Will Electric cars really take off

Motorists are not stupid! Recent adverts on the radio are telling us that there are now more electric charging points than petrol stations. What a load of rubbish! Importantly, they are not comparing like for like. Yes there may be more charging stations! But you can bet your bottom dollar that they wont be where you want them to be.

Another myth in my opinion is the claims that the government are making about the mileage that these cars can travel. Hence, before requiring a re-charge. So, whenever I go anywhere and its a couple of times a week. Then I always get caught up in a traffic jam. Heavy traffic is now a modern day problem in the UK. The economy is booming! So, I have never seen so many trucks at 5.30 in the morning.

So many questions have to be answered, regarding the whole energy picture before we ask, Will Electric cars really take off.

Flat batteries would let you down

These trucks are trying to get from A to B in decent time. I know because I do the same. “Electric car batteries” would soon require charging after being stuck for two hours on the M1 motorway! Especially near to Milton Keynes in the long road works section. So like millions of other drivers we just dont trust the electric cars to perform. The only people who will benefit will be the AA and the RAC recovering all these batteries that have run out of charge in the middle of the M1 roadworks.

and whether they could provide support for renewable energy so begs the question, Will Electric cars really take off !

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Source: An electric car future? – Physics World

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