Winter Battery Failure-Time Again-Smart Battery Chargers

Winter Battery Failure

Winter Battery Failure
Winter Battery Failure

Winter Battery Failure

Although spring is in the air, this is the time that we get complaints from customers about dead batteries. So, why this time of year?

Well, when we get the first couple of warmer days, the owners of boats, motorhomes, and caravans decide that it’s time to “blow away the cobwebs” and start preparing for the new season ahead. Of course, one of the chores is checking out their batteries.

Good day to all of you! Winter Battery Failure

This time of year has come around once more. You guessed correctly; winter is on its way to visit us here soon. And while you’re busy bringing out your winter gear, let’s not forget about another important task: taking care of our reliable batteries. I’m talking about everything from motorcycles to lawnmowers to motorhomes here—you name it! Don’t let them suffer with Winter Battery Failure .

Because the unpleasant reality is that if you just ignore them, by the time spring arrives, they will be as useful as an empty chocolate teapot. Yes, sulphation has the potential to destroy them. But there’s no need to worry about it because I’ve got some advice prepared for you. Let’s just jump right in!

First things first, take the batteries out of your particular machine or vehicle.

I cannot emphasise this point enough. Make sure that all of the switches are turned off, then unplug the offending devices and give them a thorough cleaning. To remove any corrosion that may have formed on the terminals, you can either use a cloth or a wire brush. Oh, yes, make sure everything is in pristine condition!

Second, make sure you have a smart battery charger with you. Do it; I mean it this time. By using a good battery charger that can carry out a process known as trickle charging, you can keep your battery healthy throughout the chilly winter months. Simply connect it, and you’ll be good to go.

Let’s move on to the next topic, which is storage.

The temperatures! ladies and gentlemen. They are important. You require a place that is dry and cool, but we should try to keep the temperature above freezing, shall we? If it’s going to get below freezing in the garage, you shouldn’t even consider leaving that battery there overnight. Batteries cannot withstand temperatures below freezing. If at all possible, keep it stored inside.

Okay, here’s a quick one: Winter Battery Failure

So, make sure you check how high the batteries water level is. Before putting a battery away for storage, check to see that it has an adequate amount of water in it if it is the type that can be topped up. Are the water levels low? If they are, then top them up.

Last but not least, during the winter, you should give your batteries a quick check. Monthly is a good frequency. Simply reconnect them to the maintainer if that is required, give them a once-over, and check to make sure that they are not turning against you.

Friends, and customers, that brings us to the conclusion.

A quick and easy-to-follow guide that will help you protect your batteries from the dangerous effects of sulfation and, consequently, Winter Battery Failure. Straightforward, efficient, and, to tell you the truth, no more than common sense Believe me, you’ll be glad you did it once spring arrives. Cheers!

So, probably half of the owners of these vehicles will have some sort of charging system. naturally, to keep the expensive batteries charged over the long UK winter period! Subsequently, the other half doesn’t. So whether the batteries are still connected to the vehicle or not, the battery will lose voltage.

My battery is dead emails and phone calls-Winter Battery Failure

So this is the time when people find out that their battery or batteries are not working as they should (to put it mildly), and eBay customers are the worst offenders of battery neglect, usually due to Winter Battery Failure ! Consequently, we get many emails saying that the new battery that they bought last year is “dead” ! They always say that they kept the battery charged over the winter! But we know differently.

Of course, we just don’t believe that so many batteries can be faulty. Of course, we do get a very small percentage of batteries that go bad. However, with much better manufacturing techniques, faulty batteries are very rare.

So when these batteries are stored over the long UK winter period, the voltage will drop.

Naturally, this causes the battery to sulphate. This sulphation builds up in the negative cells. So causing the battery to break down due to the build-up of “lead sulphite crystals” . Some batteries can be rescued, this is called soft sulphation, but many cannot. This is the time when the battery is most affected and will not take any more charge.

Many owners of these vehicles accept this and just go for the cheapest battery that will do the job and last for a couple of seasons. However, we still get the complaining ones who blame their flat battery on everyone except themselves.

So to keep your battery charged and in good order after the winter period. Numax offer a great range of “fit and forget” battery chargers.

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