105AH Numax XV31MF

XV31MF Numax leisure battery-to Finchale Abbey

XV31MF Numax leisure battery to Finchale Abbey

XV31MF Numax leisure battery to Finchale Abbey

So, this would turn out to be another great day for chatting with my customers. Today had me delivering batteries to Scotland and then finishing off with a couple of batteries to deliver in the Durham area of the UK. Of course, it never surprises me what I can find out after asking my customers a few Questions. Naturally, today was no exception!

Then a XV31MF Numax leisure battery, to Finchale Abbey local.

511 Vintage battery

So, this 511 Varta battery was to be the last delivery on the Scotland run. Surprisingly, my sat/nav took me to an apartment block in the centre of Edinburgh. Traditionally, this battery usually fits a vintage car ! But not this one !

Of course, I had to contact him via the outside apartment contact bell. Corresponding to his apartment number. A strong Scottish voice answered. Saying that he would come down to meet me. Speaking to him, I asked what the 6-volt battery was for.

Underneath the flats were a row of built-in garages. One of them belonged to the guy who began to explain that the battery was for his Vintage David Brown tractor. Swiftly opening the garage door, he revealed a splendid, bright red, fully restored David Brown tractor. Wow! So the tractor had two of these batteries fitted, and one had become defunct. I explained to him that I used to do some tyre work for David Brown tractors. Who were based in Meltham, near Huddersfield, in West Yorkshire, for many years.

In fact, these small agricultural tractors were to become very famous and popular with farmers. As a result, they were running on a Coventry Climax engine at the well-known David Brown Park Gear Works in Huddersfield. So, after our chat, I shook the guys hands and set off for Durham, England.

Durham gem !

Having had a good day up to this point, the best was to be the last. So, my final delivery was to “Finchale Abbey Village”. Thinking this was just a quirky name for a house, I followed the sat-nav instructions . travelling down a narrow, winding road! Many of our customers who buy a XV31MF Numax leisure battery live in rural areas, so this is not unusual. The road led me to an open area, which was to be “Park Home Village “. So, the homes were very well made wooden holiday chalets.

The gem was to be the adjacent ruins of “Finchale Abbey,” situated next to the river Wear, where my customer lived while I delivered the XV31MF Numax leisure battery. The whole area is very well maintained and appealing to the eye. The customer lived in one of the houses, which also had a caravan parked outside. Wisely, he had chosen to buy an XV31MF Numax leisure battery for the caravan! A good choice. The Abbey dates back to the 11th century, but the attached link will be interesting to read!

Greetings, dear friend! I trust you are well and prepared for yet another exciting journey, this time exploring the remarkable past of Finchale Abbey. It is much like the batteries of our prior investigation in that it has quite a remarkable story to inform us. Shall we get started?

Visualise yourself in mediaeval England.

with gentle hills, tranquil streams, and breathtaking scenery. Tucked away near the River Wear, lies the majestic Finchale Abbey. This Benedictine priory, first founded in 1196, carries with it a legacy rich with multitudes of stories that captivate and inspire. “Finkenhalh” is believed to be the original Old English name for this place, which means “Finch’s nook or corner.”

Now, let us take a look at the remarkable St. Godric of Finchale and his connection to the abbey. Godric, who was born in the early 12th century, was originally a merchant but chose to devote his entire life to the service of the Lord. He relocated to Finchale Abbey and adopted a very humble life.

As reports of his spiritual greatness flowed, more and more believers went to his residence to establish a small chapel and other structures. Around 1196, Hugh de Puiset, the Bishop of Durham, saw the tremendous potential of the area, hence he established a priory for the Benedictine monks. The priory at Finchale Abbey grew and developed over time, and eventually became a beautiful and intricate complex. 

XV31MF Numax leisure battery
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The monks who resided at the abbey lived prosperous and fulfilled lives

working the land and providing to the neighbouring towns and villages. Their peaceful life was brought to an abrupt end in 1535 when King Henry VIII launched a nationwide campaign to close down monasteries. The king had a political and economic motivation to limit the influence of the Catholic Church and liberate their wealth.

The feat was obtained gradually and firmly, leading to the closure of Finchale Abbey by 1538. All prized possessions were confiscated from the busy priory, and its people were told to vacate the premises. Inevitably, the holy property began to rapidly decay and be desecrated. But the narrative does not conclude there!

Throughout the years, vegetation gradually took back the remnants of Finchale Abbey, and it soon became a beloved spot among creative people looking for an alluring ambiance of dilapidation. During the 19th century, J.M.W. Turner immortalised the ruins in one of his celebrated artworks. With visits to the area continuously increasing, many wanted to preserve and respect its heritage and magnificence.

 Nowadays, Finchale Abbey is under the direction of English Heritage, where visitors can discover the ruins and its exceptional history. As you explore the area, you will feel as though you have travelled back in time and are following in the footsteps of the monks who once lived in Finchale Abbey.

This was truly a fantastic day of discovery for me, thanks to the humble XV31MF Numax leisure battery ?

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