Yorkshire Solar Panel Farming: UK makes solar power leap with first subsidy-Varta battery Storage

Yorkshire Solar Panel Farming

Solar Panel Farming
Yorkshire Solar Panel Farming

Yorkshire Solar Panel Farming

Affordable solar power provides a much higher percentage of household energy needs in Europe. Both for electricity generation and for hot water heating. Generous European government subsidies include those here in the UK .

Consequently, this has spurred the installation of acres of farmland solar panels. So, everywhere across the continent Thus, even in the coldest regions of Scandinavia,

As a result, many homes are much less dependent on fossil fuels for their daily electricity needs.

However, in recent years, the UK government has cut the grants. Hence, those were offered to landowners and farmers. So for setting up solar panel farms,

Solar Panel Farming: Looking for new materials? Yorkshire Solar Panel Farming

There is a great deal of research being done right now on new materials. Hence, that converts much more of the sun’s energy into electricity. New materials will also convert the sun’s rays at a much lower cost of installation.

As a result, this research promises to give us affordable solar power. So, using thin film technology and even photoelectric paints Sadly, these materials appear to be as long as twenty years away from widespread availability.

Affordable Solar Power has been only a dream for most of the world’s population. Up until now, home solar installations could cost as much as £10000, making them simply out of reach for the average homeowner.

Costs, though, are now coming down. Yorkshire Solar Panel Farming

Ten years ago, my solar panel system cost me somewhere in the £10000 region. Come forward to now, and am I going to double the size of my present bank of solar panels for £4000 ? less than double. So prices are falling.

I suppose this is the reason for the landowner in the attached article to set up  solar panel farming free of subsidies. I also suspect that this is due to bigger solar battery storage systems. Then he will store the electricity from the panels and sell the stored electricity back to the national grid  at night. This is similar to what domestic users can now do.

Affordable Solar Power storage is available today from existing, lower-cost storage batteries . If a homeowner is willing to spend about £400 on materials, cost-effective solar panel battery storage can be created.

Coca-Cola’s Investment in a Solar Farm in Wakefield, West Yorkshire:

A Glorious Investment: Yorkshire Solar Panel Farming

West Yorkshire, with its rolling hills and timeless appeal, is the setting for a new storyline, one that combines tradition and progress. Under the Wakefield sun, Coca-Cola is sowing the seeds of a prosperous future in an area where the air holds echoes of the past and the tenacity of the people.

Coca-Cola, the beverage behemoth, isn’t just fizz and flavour.

it’s become a beacon of sustainability, and its latest effort is as invigorating as a cool drink on a hot day. Coca-Cola is embracing the golden tones of solar energy by investing in a solar farm in Wakefield, thus adding a green stroke to its worldwide operations.

Not only is this a demonstration of Coca-Cola’s dedication to a future in which industry and nature may dance together, but it’s also a testament to the power of the sun.

The solar farm in the Wakefield area is a watershed moment in corporate history, marking a change to more environmentally friendly and socially responsible practises. It’s about developing a mutually beneficial connection of giving and receiving with the land that has provided so much to you.

The setting is a lyrical decision. Yorkshire Solar Panel Farming

West Yorkshire, a region with deep ties to the industrial revolution that is now at the forefront of the green revolution, exemplifies how change need not mean abandoning our past in favour of an uncertain future. Coca-Cola’s investment shows faith in West Yorkshire’s resiliency and ability to be a pioneer in the renewable energy sector.

More than just a collection of photovoltaic panels, this solar farm has the potential to become an icon of progress and environmental responsibility. The generated energy will power activities and contribute to a narrative of positive transformation, of a future in which companies are evaluated not just on their profitability but also on their ability to move us towards a cleaner, brighter horizon.

The people of Wakefield :Yorkshire Solar Panel Farming

and all of West Yorkshire appreciate Coca-Cola’s commitment because it shows that the company values them and their community. It evokes thoughts of work, belonging, and progressing together towards a more sustainable future. This new era in the county’s history is one in which innovation and preservation go hand in hand.

Coca-Cola isn’t just satisfying thirsts in the welcoming arms of West Yorkshire; it’s also inspiring a new generation and satisfying a worldwide desire for environmentally responsible business. As the solar farm goes up, panel by panel, it will serve as a reminder that even multinational corporations can operate lightly by harnessing the sunlight that bathes the moors and valleys of ancient Yorkshire.

Converting this sunlight into affordable solar power for our factories. Including electric cars and homes has been the great challenge of the last fifty years. Mostly, solar energy is provided by large utilities that have built massive solar panel farming installations in our countryside.

Previously, we spent millions of pounds on subsidies. So, in the effort of  converting this sunlight into affordable solar power and now storing the electricity produced in solar panel batteries,

This summer was the “cleanest ever” in terms of the UK’s energy consumption. That’s more good news for British supporters of renewable energy on the day the country’s first subsidy-free solar farm opens.

Source: UK makes solar power leap with first subsidy-free farm | Business | DW | 26.09.2017

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