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Electric Cars UK: A mountain to climb—are all UK cars to be electric by 2040? The Impossible Dream?

Electric Cars UK

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Electric Cars UK

Electric Cars UK

I would like to update this post to say that our so-called party of business is here! So we have now decided to bring forward the fossil fuel ban to 2030. Yes, just nine years away.

Fortunately, there is the beginning of a resistance movement among the more, say, intelligent MPs in the House of Commons. Although I am interested in a healthier planet, the goal must be balanced with the cost to business.

Especially the auto trade, which has supported my family and my staff families for many years. In my opinion, these targets are very far-fetched and only stated to appease the climate change mob .

People dont want electric cars

So, these targets have been set without any consideration for the everyday motorist. Consequently, who wants to go about their business in their little Ford Fiesta? Millions of drivers will not be able to afford these so-called greener electric cars.

Electric cars have stepped out of a “Flash Gordon” film into our day-to-day lives . Those who are ready to take the plunge. Hence, for fully electric cars, hybrid/petrol and all battery-driven electric automobiles are a good alternative.
As a result, last year in Great Britain alone, some 13 thousand electric vehicles were sold. Of course, the two things that might stop a buyer of electric vehicle buyer. its cost and lack of sufficient charging stations.

Electric Cars UK-Cost of Electric Cars

There is no doubt that the cost of owning an electric battery-driven car is coming down. Prime examples of this change are reflected in the current pricing of electric versions of the Mitsubishi Outlander and Renault Zoe. These cars are both popular and available at a reasonable price. However, on the Electric Zoe, there is a separate charge for the battery drive train. Hence, you can buy it or rent it. In my opinion, this is not an ideal situation. In my opinion, it is the battery problem that puts consumers off buying one of these cars.

Electric Cars UK-Electric Car Charging Infrastructure

There are seven different kinds of connectors in use for different electric vehicles.

Therefore,one can not be sure if the connector was used on your car. Will be available at the charge point on your route. Thus, don’t head to a charging station without checking the Zap Map in advance of any trip, as it does list this information. Zap-Map enables UK drivers to locate and update EV charging points in the UK and Ireland. Provides advice, help, and tools for current and potential electric cars. I am going through these points for an overall view of progress leading up to 2014.

As we all know, most electric automobiles have at best a range of 100 miles. Hence, they may need a charging station. Subsequently, it is certainly not as convenient as stopping by a petrol station. So to get your tank filled.

As a result, most electric charging points have the capacity to charge two cars at a time. But public EV charging points in the UK will grow from 4,100 to 7,900 by 2020. Then it becomes a more feasible proposition. Hence, to travel long distances with electric cars. I still dread thinking of the effect on the electric infrastructure. Of course, when millions of drivers all charge their cars up at once?

Electric Cars UK-Will governments be able to force electric cars onto us?

It frightens me to think of what benefits we would be getting. With an all-electric car society? How clean does the air that we breathe need to be? I can understand the problem we have with overpopulated cities. Then, in my opinion, the hybrid car is the answer. Use the electric for driving around town, and then switch over to gas for distance work and  driving out of town. Including the more up-to-date LED lighting we now see on these vehicles .

Another problem with this 2040 target. Will there be millions of small businesses with a van or two? Could a small business drive an electric van for hundreds of miles without charging? I thought that this government was the party of SMBs (small and medium businesses) It looks like the “asylum is run by lunatics” to me.

Governments are fighting a losing battle at the moment. Trying to encourage consumers through tax breaks and grants. Also, car manufacturers are competing with each other to create cheaper electric car batteries. Of course, with a longer and longer life span. My opinion is that we should have a balanced mix of fuels to drive our vehicles in the future. giving people the choice to buy a car that they can afford to run.

Electric Cars UK-Millions of Auto industry jobs will be sacrificed

Of course, there will also be a collapse in small garage ownership. This will put millions of people out of work. The car manufacturers will make sure that the servicing and repair work on the electric cars will be driven towards their own franchise dealers. Millions of parts companies will fold. They are the ones that now supply the auto industry with replacement parts. Our government is going into this with closed eyes.

It will be another Margret Thatcher versus the coal minors, except on a larger nationwide scale Auto-centres at the moment will not be able to sustain their business on tyres alone. In other words, if there is no servicing, then just selling tyres would not be feasible. Franchise dealers would be the only ones selling tyres to these electric car owners.

The list of negatives just go on and on, what are these people thinking about?

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