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AGM Genuine Sealed Batteries: Only AGM-type batteries inside your car’s cabin

AGM Genuine Sealed Batteries

AGM Genuine Sealed Batteries

So, this article comes from Australia ? Significantly, I have changed the products to fit into my blog. Of course, AGM batteries come in many forms for different applications. So, I am thinking of AGM batteries that are used in cars. Specifically for use in “Stop Start” technology cars.

Stop-start was introduced

as another way of reducing carbon emissions from our vehicles. Basically, it works by turning off your engine whenever you stop the car. Of course, at traffic lights and in other similar situations. Personally, I hate the things and switch them off whenever I am in a car with the system fitted. However, my wife is now used to the idea and copes admirably.

These AGM batteries have more starting power than their cousins, the standard free-flowing lead-acid batteries. Consequently, that has served us for many years. This attached article is interesting and well worth a look at.

EFB batteries are increasingly being used in new cars.

Since I wrote this post, the EFB battery has become more popular. especially used more by the German car makers. Hence, such as BMW. BMW has made the decision on their start-stop cars. In my opinion, this is a cost-cutting exercise. Accordingly, I still would recommend that consumers replace the correct car battery that is fitted to their car with the same replacement.

So, if you have an AGM car battery fitted-AGM Genuine Sealed Batteries

then you should replace it with an AGM replacement battery. Consequently, if you have an EFB car battery, it should be replaced by an EFB replacement battery. Importantly, do not be tempted to fit a standard battery to replace either an AGM or EFB car battery ?

There are many advantages to running an auxiliary or second deep-cycle battery inside your car as opposed to mounting it under the bonnet, but you need to understand a couple of very vital safety points in order to do so safely. The Apollo Power AGM deep-cycle batteries are perfectly suited to be

Source: Why you can only run AGM-type deep batteries inside your car’s cabin

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